Best VNC app for iPad (and iPhone)?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Crunch, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hello everyone!

    Can anyone here point me in the right direction as far as VNC apps/services go? I would prefer a NON-subscription solution and rather go with paying a one-time fee, unless there are good ones available that are free. It should be capable of working in a mixed environment, including Mac OS X, Windows 7, and iOS, of course. It does not need to be compatible with Linux/Unix.

    While I'm at it, I would love to hear some advice as to which VNC solution you guys prefer on OS X. :apple:

    Thanks very much! :)
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    iTeleport but also use Slink which is available from the Mac App Store and the MobileME screen sharing provided by BackToMyMac
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    VNC Viewer

    Right when I got my ipad i downloaded vnc viewer for about 10 bucks I think but also it is a native app. All you need to do is setup a server on the commuter and your good!
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    I've been using iTeleport on my iphone and ipad for a while and think it's great. Haven't had any problems with either and if you don't want to worry with port forwarding, there is an application you can download that will allow you to connect to the computer without any network configurating.
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    Can't say enough about splashtop remote. It's very responsive, and can even stream 720p movies with sound to my iPad. I also use it for flash based websites.
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    Do recall the name of the app that allows you to connect with newtwork configuration?
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    Jump does RDP also if I am reading right?
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    I think it's called iTeleport Connect. It's made by the people that make iTeleport so I would imagine there is mention of it on their website.
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    I use Mocha VNC and am happy with it.
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    LogMeIn has been brilliant and has a great new file transfer feature. Gets my vote.
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    splashtop was great before but now its nothing but drop connection. i hope they update their app real soon.. :(

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