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Best way of selling 20" ACD and MacMini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by JackArc, Feb 19, 2007.

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    I have had problems in the past with ebay (buyer fraud) and what I always use now for selling my things, Amazon Marketplace, actually prevents you from selling displays or Apple computers. Where should I go? The MacMini just isnt fast enough and although the ACD is AMAZING, I wouldn't be able to afford the 24' iMac (The computer I want) if I did not sell that as well.

    Or would the easier route be simply upgrading the 512mb ram to 1gb through Geek Squad or something of that sort?

    Thanks - Jack Archer:apple:
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    Can you wait? There is speculation that maybe a mid-range Mac will be out with the new Mac Pros. Maybe an updated Mini?

    Hopefully, Apple is listening to us folk who want a screen-less iMac...
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    You could try the marketplace on this forum or macnn.com ...

    If you do, be prepared to have people be skeptical about you if you havent sold, and also expect to get a lot of low ball offers, but if you offer a fair price, and stick with it, you will get what is far, I believe.
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    note that to use the marketplace succesfully, you need to have had at least 100 posts. the OP doesn't.

    just putting that out there ;)
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    Cool, where are the rumors about this mid-range machine? It'd certainly put my potential mini purchase on hold!!!

    A screenless iMac would be ideal!!!!!!!!!

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