Best way to buy 13" MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by docgerrard, Jul 21, 2011.

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    My guess is this:

    Tax-free weekend
    Education discount
    $100 App store
    Am-ex for warranty

    $1249 for a two year warranty and $100 App store credit

    What is the likelihood of my local apple store not offering the education discount on tax-free weekend and of them not having any base 13'' in stock in the first place?

    EDIT: Also, I don't really find a need for the $100 App store credit. If anyone knows of a way to get the new 13'' model for 1250 or less, let me know :)
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    There is some likelihood it won't be in stock. If I look at some of the other threads, some folks are getting delivery quotes of August 11th. You always run that risk.
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    yeah thats true

    any 1249 vendors online?
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    MacMall also usually has some good deals when you click through their ad on AppleInsider. They don't have all the models in yet (e.g. Core i7), and it doesn't qualify for the education discount, but it could be worthwhile for those who don't qualify anyway. One downside is they don't take returns (all sales are final), though Apple stores will exchange defective units.
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    MacConnection is $1249 with free shipping. They charge sales tax in AL, IL, NJ, NY, NC, OH

    MacMall is $1253 with free shipping. They charge sales tax in CA, TN, IL, NC, WI, MN, NY
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    wow thanks!

    last question. is there any benefit at all to buying from amazon or apple over macmall and macconnection?

    i feel like apple is the most legitimate way to buy and i have dealt with amazon enough times.
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    No real benefit, but you can know that Apple doesn't just give its products to anyone. So you're fine either way.

    You just will get better CS from Apple if something goes wrong.
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    thanks. i was thinking about it though and i have never even held one of these things. definitely just feel more comfortable buying one of these in person. hope they don't run out of stock on tax free weekend! i'll be sure to get there early.

    i don't live in a huge city though, so i think i may be fine
  9. shaketheclouds, Jul 24, 2011
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    Non US citizen in the US for several months, after the best deal without sales tax on the top spec 1.8ghz i7 MBA 13", was looking at MacMall, but it would appear they charge sales tax to New York.

    seems Amazon may be the best bet, anyone know if they will eventually sell the custom MBA's with the 1.8Ghz CPU?

    Edit: on further reading, it would seem NY gets shafted with sales tax no matter what, even amazon?
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    Only Apple will sell the BTO (e.g. i7) MBAs.
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    I've checked Macmall and macconnection and they are offering the 1.8Ghz new MBA's.

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