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Best way to copy hard drive ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Montano, Jun 30, 2003.

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    I want to replace the 60 gig in my G4 867 PowerMac, with a 160 gig. What is the best way to copy the 60 to the 160 ? That way I can just unplug the 60 and be ready to go with the 160.

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    Why don't you just add the 160 in addition to the 60?
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    Re: Best way to copy hard drive ?

    I use Carbon Copy Cloner 2.2. It rocks.

    You can get it at Versiontracker.com

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    I added a 20 gig to the 40 gig in my 533 and it shows up as 2 seperate drives, which I don't care for. If it would see it as a single drive then I would.
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    First off it sounds like you partitioned your drive.

    Secondly, I don't believe either the G4 533 or 867 has a controller that will recognize more than 120 GB on the IDE bus. I could be wrong about the 867, but I am certain about the 533. Ideally you'd want a compatible ATA/133 card with the Mac, as the 133 cards are all compatible with 120+ GB drives. Some ATA 100 cards are too, but not all.

    Third, you probably already know this, but the formatted capacity of the drive is less than its advertised amount. The ratio is approximately 112 GB per 120 GB. This has to do with limitations stated in Apple's kbase article:


    Fourth, you will probably want to partition the 120 GB drive to have partitions slightly larger than your 60 GB and leave the rest for mass storage (in other words 3 partitions). That way you can mirror the partitions with Carbon Copy Cloner that are bootable and any excess data.
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    hands down carbon copy cloner.

    i use it for everything but scheduled backups, because it's not powerful enough for my needs. But deja vu does a nice job of that.

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    I know the 533 can not use more than 120 gigs, but there have been many reported cases of 867's seeing more than 120 gigs.

    When I installed Jaguar on the 533, it asked me which drive I wanted to install it on. It did not give me the option to use both drives as one. If there is a way to do it, please let me know.
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    if you want to use two drives as one, you will need IDENTICAL drives and set up raid from the disk utility.

    i have three drives in my computer, and they all show up as separate drives. i don't mind it at all, seeing as one is my system, one is music, and the other is back up. it's all about organizing your files.

    but i agree with a few others...carbon copy cloner is the best way to do it.
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    I've just upgraded my stock 20Gb hard drive in my Cube for a whopping 120Gb, and Carbon Copy Cloner made it absolutely pain-free.

    I had to remove my DVD-Rom drive's power and ATA cables, and connect them to the new 120Gb drive (putting it in "slave" mode first), and then I ran Disk Utility to repair permissions on the old disk, and to format and partition the new disk.

    Then, I "Cloned" my old drive's OSX partition onto my new drive's OSX partition.

    It couldn't be simpler.

    After I reconnected the DVD-Rom drive, I then removed the old 20Gb Maxtor, and replaced it with the new 120Gb Seagate Barracuda (not before setting the jumpers back to "Master", of course!).

    Now, my drive's TOTALLY silent - AND, I now have a 75Gb Video Scratch disk to work with (that's nearly 6 HOURS of DV video!).

    The difference in noise really makes the Maxtor sound like Concorde taking off...

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    Thanks kiwi, that's exactly what I needed to hear :D

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