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Best way to stay informed?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by sublimeguide, Jan 13, 2011.

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    i am interested into the best app on the ipad to stay updated on what's going on in the world(also some weird and interesting news probably?) without spending TOO much time. I mean i have tried a lot of great stand a lone apps (like abc/usa today/cnn/ etc etc ) but it takes a lot of time to shift through them since sometimes i like the information on some more than the other and some times the opposite. So far the best all in one app for trending news topics is SkyGrid but i haven;t tested it long enough and i am interested to know if some of you already have in mind some that are proven great choices. Also It would be really nice to point the best video info apps, i think that Newsy is really good and i like the idea of combining multiple sources but it would be perfect if it was updated more regularly.
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    Try Pulse, you can set RSS feeds from a bunch of different sources.

    Plus it's free. Download and try don't like delete.
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    I don't like it very much. It is an RSS reader and i use for now other. In gives the newest news but not the most viewed/ recommended / top etc.
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    Reeder ftw
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    I use it as primary rss reader (although it doesn't have "like" function on the feeds which is odd, considering the developers thought about a lot of other thigs, but again i don't need rss reader but a news app like SkyGrid to which i will probably stick since there are no better alternatives for now.

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