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Best way to transfer files from MBP to MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shamash, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I'm getting my MBA in the mail tomorrow, and want to transfer all my music, videos, documents, etc from my MBP to the MBA. What is the best way to do this? In the past, I've used AIM on both computers and since they were on the same WiFi network it was super fast, but I'm thinking there has to be a better way :p
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    Turn on folder sharing on the two macs, and you should be able to just access folders on both computers from either. Should be in system preferences -> sharing
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    similar question:

    I'm at college on the college's wifi. I have an iMac and a MBA, and would like to know the easiest way to transfer music, documents, etc from one computer to the other. I don't really know enough about computers to know if this is a stupid question, but with the shared folders trick that was suggested: does that open up my documents to everyone on my network? Because I definitely don't want to do that. And if so, what would be a more secure way to share my itunes/documents?
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    I just recently accomplished this with the tip above. It usually asks you for a password I believe to access the other computers files. I already have my computer password protected though. There is a public folder that anyone can view, but there's nothing in there. Once your files are transferred just disable the file sharing. It does take a while depending on the amount of music that you have and network speed. I have about 38 gigs and that took like 4 hours or so, may have been longer. I would also recommend using an external usb HD and transferring them like that. It would likely go much faster and would alleviate your security concerns. Good luck.
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    Migration Assistant?

    I'm getting ready to do the same thing, only from an older iMac to a new Mac Mini. Does anybody have any experience with using Migration Assistant and/or Time Machine to transfer everything from one Mac to the next? How was your experience? (I plan on using Firewire.)

    The iMac is the machine I use to sync my iPhone and iPod with iTunes. Do I need to unregister my devices before setting up my new computer, or does Migration Assistant handle that?
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    A question: Is it possible to connect 2 computers (macbooks, windows, whatever) with ethernet and transfer with the ethernet cable? And another thing, why don't external hard drives use ethernet, since it's a lot faster than usb?
  7. sorepheet, Feb 9, 2011
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    External Drive/Time Machine

    Utilizing an external drive is your best bet. Time Machine will be helpful too
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    You should get this idea patented and give it a cool name, like Network Attached Storage :D
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    Would it be faster to connect both the computers to the same network, or turn 1 computer into it's own network and connect the other to it?
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    I don't think it can be patented , otherwise usb-firewire etc would already be patented ^^ but really why don't they use ethernet for transfers , it's a lot faster than usb (and @sorepheet, isn't ethernet faster than firewire too?)
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    You can do that already. The first computer switched on is the master computer. I think the second acts like an HD. Haven't done it for years though.
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    A quick way but probably not the most elegant is via Firewire. Connect both comps via firewire then turn one on (wait for it to fully start up) then on the other hold down 't' as you start it up. It will then appear as an external firewire drive on the other machine.
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    What about time machine? Should I use my last backup or start fresh? Will it matter going from a HDD to a SSD?
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    No Firewire on the MacBook Air

    I recommend the old fashioned way. Plug a USB HDD to the old computer, copy what you need to copy over and then plug is into the new one. Better yet, use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the old computer's HDD to the USB HDD, then use Apple's Migration Assistant to migrate stuff from the USB HDD to the new computer. That's how I did it.
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    You can't transfer to the MBA via firewire...there's no firewire.

    Migration Assistant via time machine backup works great. I just leave out the things I didn't want (machine information, basically). Migrated apps and user data.

    If you don't have a ton of data on it, you can just as easily do it via wifi...
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    I plan on manually migrating my data over to my MBA when I get it. (Or send the data upstream to the Mini, and then back down to the Air...) I will manually (and selectivly) install Applications on the Air. Right now, My 2006 MacBook has plenty of room to spare as I've been planning for this upgrade for about a month now. Just need tax money and I'll be happy.
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    Ha ha! Orfeas, kryca is just jacking around with you. Do yourself a favor and google "Network Attached Storage" so that you can save yourself any future embarrassment. It's been around for quite a few years now.

    Oh, and BTW, ethernet is only faster if you are using gigabit. Otherwise, it will actually be slower than USB.
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    well, don't new computers use gigabit ethernet anyway? so it must be the fastest way to transfer files. so instead of mocking the people who don't know, maybe explain them how to do it.
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    There's no gigabit ethernet on the macbook air, and even with a usb gigabit ethernet, it's not going to be a particularly effective solution. A Time Machine backup will be the fastest for a large quantity of data, or a wifi migration assistant copy is the easiest, for a smaller amount of data.
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    I tried using migration assistant. The problem is it doesnt allow me to pick and choose the apps I wanted to transfer over. I basically had to copy to an extternal HD, and then copy into the MBA
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    I prefer to migrate all the apps, then remove the ones I don't want, to make sure all supporting files etc get copied over.
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    I'm using a USB External HD and doing movies and music, and then a few apps that I want to keep.

    I'm not using migration assistant because when I did that to go from MB to MBP, it really seemed to immediately bog down my system.

    Also, External Hard Drive is going a bunch faster than the wifi was.
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    I like ur idea, then maybe someone will develop a user friendly method of accomplishing this new Network Attached Storage!!!!
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    If you have Airport Extreme/Time Capsule - It would be easier.
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    To clarify, I don't think that orfeas0 was referring to NAS, I read that as "why don't external HD's use Ethernet instead of USB", rather than the NAS solution (which in my network setup, still is limited by the speed of USB.)

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