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Best way to upgrade to newest revision mbp?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ebd.i.am, Dec 5, 2008.

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    I want to upgrade to the newest macbook pro, my current mbp is about 10 months old. Its the Penryn intel based one..

    It's still in perfect condition, it's never left my house. Whats the best way to go about getting as much money as I can to put it towards a new mbp?

    I wish apple had some kind of a deal where you can sell them back your old hardware for store credit towards a new machine. :rolleyes:
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    Where do you think refurb machines come from?
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    Tallest Skil

    Returns within 14 days... NOT ten month old machines.

    Sell it on eBay.
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    yeah thats why I'm thinking, either ebay or craigslist. However I hate the fees associated with selling on ebay.

    Just wanted to make sure there was no possible way you can turn in old hardware and get credit for something new, wish they did damn.. lol.
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    I sold mine on Craig's list. Here's the deal, people on eBay are skeptical. People like dealing locally so they can see the condition with their own eyes.

    I just sold one on Craig's list for $1500 that was a 1.5 year old. 2.33 GHz Merom Processor although the $2499 version of the MBP.

    Here is what you do. Go find what eBay's prices are for a similar deal with same specs. Go see what you can buy one on Apple's own website as a refurbished model. Charge the price of the refurbished model OR $150 higher than eBay's completed listings.

    Sell on Craig's list to local buyer only. You will have people tell you they are sending $400 extra but you have to ship to Nigeria, DO NOT FALL FOR THOSE SCAMS. They will send email looking like from PayPal stating payment has been made but held til shipping, DO NOT DEAL WITH THOSE SCAMMERS. Only deal in person and CASH. Meet at a local Starbucks and have everything in order. All the disks, all the information, receipts, and etc.

    Post in Craig's list. Ten month old MBP NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE. In PERFECT CONDITION. And that will yield you the most money... as long as you are near a city... I guess may not work otherwise, but I sold mine in a few days by stating all the info I had, would meet at Starbucks and let them try it out for 30 minutes and etc.

    A lot of people will PAY MORE on Craig's List than you can buy the thing for from Apple as a refurb, so be aware of everything. Don't take advantage of someone, but be an entrepreneur trying to get as much as possible for it. BTW, there is no guarantee that a refurb will be in nearly as good of condition as yours.

    I have found by being truthful, I can sell ANYTHING on Craig's list cheaper and faster than eBay.

    Good luck...
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    Thanks a lot for the great tips. I do have better experience with craigslist buying/selling in the past compared to ebay too.

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