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Best wireless mouse for the MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by saintforlife, Mar 8, 2011.

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    What is the best wireless mouse out there for the MBA? Is Apple Magic Mouse most compatible and preferred?
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    Magic TrackPad is pretty good also.
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    I use the Logitech V470

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    Have you tried the trackpad at all? I've hated trackpads on notebooks and have always used a mouse even when they were cable usb ones. But the trackpad on the Macs is amazing. Multitouch is gold. I bought the magic mouse and tried it but ended up liking the trackpad too much.
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    i am using the bluetooth Logitech M555b.
    Definitely the best for my case
    because i need a 3rd mouse button for 'expose' (faster workflow)
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    Does the Apple Magic Mouse have right click? Since it is missing the scroll wheel, how does it affect scrolling long web pages or documents? Are the multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse overrated? I am assuming since the Magic Mouse was designed by Apple, it was made to work specifically with Macs and hence will provide a wholesome experience that other mice may not.
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    This will answer most of your questions about how it functions (be sure to watch the video):

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    I use the magic mouse everyday, I think it is by far and wide the best mouse out there. The scrolling is amazing with just a light touch and connection is solid using bluetooth. The right click works flawlessly, and battery life is pretty amazing as well.
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    while we're on the topic on wireless mouses, does anyone know how to have the magic mouse connect automatically to both my mac os and windows partition when I boot into each OS (multi-boot partition)? It seems like I can only sync it with one OS at a time.
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    The Magic Mouse is pretty awesome, but I must warn you, it takes a while to get used to it. It's not really comfortable when you start out. I also wouldn't recommend it for gaming.

    I use it for Photoshop work all the time, and it seems to work pretty well and be sensitive/accurate enough.
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    the apple mice are way too slooooooooowwww what a waste of money

    i use a microsoft usb mouse when docked to the ACD. super fast and works on various surfaces with aplomb.
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    I thought about getting a mouse for my 11inch MBA also. But then I realize I had to carry a mouse everywhere I go. So I have decided just to use the trackpad only.

    I bought a apple magic mouse to use it with my win7 pc :D
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    Try "MouseZoom" pref pane
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    Same here. My magic mouse got used for maybe a month and is now living the easy life retired!
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    Seriously, does it work with a PC and windows 7? If so, I may unretire mine and use it there...........
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    Never had this problem. It just works in both for me!
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    This is by far the favorite mouse I have ever used. Unfortunately, it's not bluetooth (unless they made a bluetooth model).

    So, for my MBA, I use a Microsoft notebook bluetooth mouse. It is fast and syncs perfectly, but the scroll wheel on it is poor. It registers a middle-mouse click often when I am just trying to scroll.
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    want to sell that magic mouse ?
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    omg that's fugly

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