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Best wireless PC card for 15" TiBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Coffeeguy, Mar 11, 2007.

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    My 15" TiBook never recognized my Sonnet Aria Extreme PC card so I'll be sending it back. (It is possible that the card is just defective because it is supposed to be easily recognized and run on Airport software.)

    I should have asked this before buying: What seems to be the best choice for the cardbus slot. I don't want to invest the money in a slower more expensive original Airport card and the TiBook doesn't have USB 2.0.

    Thanks for any help that might be out there.
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    I used to use Belkin 54g wireless cards in my Wallstreet -- they would provide pretty fast speeds!

    If you get them on Ebay or anywhere else, try to find one of the original models. A picture should show it with more of a maroon/gold label, rather than white/gray/pink. The older ones were for sure based off the same chipset (whatever) as the Airport cards. The newer revs used something different that didn't always work with Macs.

    The label should like like this one for sale here.
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    Thanks to a forum member's advice, I got the Aria Extreme pc card humming along, so I no longer need any help with hunting for a good card. It works fine.

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