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BestBuy.com Runs Out of MacBook Airs As Refresh Nears

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. MacRumors, Jun 26, 2011
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    BestBuy.com has stopped shipping MacBook Airs to customers ahead of expected revisions to the MacBook Air. 9to5Mac speculates this is to divert the limited MacBook Air stock to their retail locations:
    Rumors have all pointed to an imminent refresh of the MacBook Air in the coming weeks. Apple also may be holding up new Macs in order to pre-install the final version of Mac OS X Lion on launch. Mac OS X Lion is due for release in July.

    Article Link: BestBuy.com Runs Out of MacBook Airs As Refresh Nears
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    What about the white MacBooks? I believe those are older than the current Airs.
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    White MacBooks seem to be pretty back-burner. I'm surprised they haven't discontinued them completely.
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    Can't wait!!

    And Mac mini's? I think they'll update it in October (White Macbook was last updated in October)..
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    I'm dying for the new Mac mini!

    Where is it??
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    I think the white MacBook's days are limited. I can imagine the 11" MBA taking it's place as Apple's entry-level notebook.
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    Like the eMac of years ago, the white Macbook/iBook will soon be toast.
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    I disagree, and I think the Macbook will be here for a little while longer. Can't see the 11" MBA taking its place as an entry level either. :confused: The screen size is quite small for the average consumer. If anything, the Macbook helps sales of it's bigger, badder brother, dubbed the "MacBook Pro".
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    The new MacBook Air models will rock!......... that's my educated guess. ;)
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    I hope not. Those machines are great for what they have to offer. I believe they fit nicely between the Air and Pro's. They look pretty nice too.
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    Mac rumors have been stale and boring for a while. No indigos, dalmatians, or cubes . . . so that made the following line fun to read: "Apple also be holding up new Macs in order to pre-install the final version of Mac OS X Lion on launch." I am not complaining about a typo; I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to see more posts written in jive, pirate, Irish-English, what have you.
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    Apple should bring to market a lighter and smaller MacBook Air to outsell all the others, as the 11-inch model did with the 13-inch one. Because in this model the priority is not power of battery life but sheer portability. For other features are the MacBook and MacBook Pro.
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    Yep agree the macbook is an awesome entry level computer, I can see the 13" MBP replacing it sooner then the AIR, but it really is a gateway computer to the world of apple for many folks, both my sisters have one and they are virgin apple users before they got dirty with the macbook. Long live the macbook, be a shame to see it go...
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    it's still available at bestbuy.com
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    oh and I'll say it again - but all the new airs will have will be i5 or i7 processors. mark my words this will be a minor upgrade for sure..... maybe a Tunderbolt too, but I wouldn't bet on it....
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    I'll bet the farm on Thunderbolt. Apple is rolling it out to all their new computers. It won't catch on if only a few models have them.

    Especially considering it doesn't add any extra ports or anything so it isn't like space is an issue.
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    I just can't see the MacBook's going! They're what started the modern Mac notebook lineup
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    Looking forward to the new MBA's. However I hope this isn't the end of the white MacBook.
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    Yes and the 1974 Oldsmobile Toronado was the first car to introduce airbags into automobiles, but they don't make those anymore, do they? :)
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    I agree with it being a gateway. I was always interested in macs but my first one that was just mine was the first white ibook, and my wifes was the last white ibook so I'll pour a little out when its completely gone.
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    The 15" MBPs have the same "not available for shipping" indicator that some of the MBAs do. Does that mean the MBP is getting a refresh too?

    (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)
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    Mr. Gates

    I've always thought the white Mac's were ugly as sin and got dirty fast.

    Seriously, the hipster mentality needs be put on hold when buying a computer.

    But, if you still want a low powered computing experience in white, may I suggest an iPad?
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    Maybe on Talk Like A Pirate Day? (September 19th) Even those landlubbers at Macrumors should try that. Yarrgh!
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    I want to buy the $999 entry level air but only if it has 128GB & 4GB.

    is this likely ?

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