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Beta 3: "Upgrade to iCloud" button now redirects you to www.me.com/move

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by PBF, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. PBF
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    This is the button I'm talking about:


    In previous betas, it would redirect you to www.me.com/upgrade. By the way, www.me.com/move is not found.
  2. DrSD, Jul 2, 2011
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    On ipad/iphone

    Settings >iCloud>
    You have account : xxx @gmail.com

    Mail : Won't let me add my me.com FINE!

    now what i did was made a new account via me.com just to see how icloud mail works.

    now i want to delete/remove that account and i don't want it to be associated with my icloud account as i will be using my me.com whenever apple let me migrate .

    how do i do it?
    just won't let me ....i switch the mail on - off and then on it just starts mail....
    no option as such to change email id.
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    Apple have said in the transition document that you cannot merge an existing MobileMe account to seperate Apple ID. You can only make a new one.

    Also currently no changing the iCloud email once set up.

    What I've done is setup iCloud on my phone to do all but email then set up an iCloud account in mail just to do my email with my MobileMe account from 2009
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    Also currently no changing the iCloud email once set up

    Yeah this is what i am talking about. I just set up an account to see how it is , and now its stuck with my apple ID.

    I don't want that and no clue how to remove it.

    hopefully with next update beta 3 they might give us an option to delete the existing email. Though i am personally not sure every happening.

    i guess i am stuck with the email id.
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    I'd like to think that you can when they officially release it, but it's a wait and see and i think there's a good chance they won't let you.

    Did anyone who had a MobileMe account know if you could change the email address beforehand?
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    Hey i guess you can delete the icloud email id created.

    Go to https://appleid.apple.com > manage account > new icloud email = me.com id show's up there.

    i deleted it perm but still i can access it from my iphone at the moment.

    Reboot might change that.
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    AFAIK that doesn't delete the account, it just removes it as an alternate contact email, you can have any email added in the alternate email address there.
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    I called Apple 5 times today in an attempt to get some very basic answers. I simply cannot understand why Apple seems so intent on keeping accounts and account management a secret.

    They will not allow us to prepare. The info they have issued is so vague it's maddening. I'm about ready to chuck it all and go elsewhere. Apple doesn't give a damn about loyal customers with high lifetime values to them. I've got tens of thousands of dollars in the latest Apple gear and they could give a **** less.

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