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Beware MacBook owners with Squaretrade ADH!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Kushp14, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I have a square trade for my 2012 macbook air, it slipped out of my arms while going down the stairs in between class. Called square trade to file a claim and said I have ADH so its covered, they will attempt to repair/reimburse. Got a call after they received it saying its not going to be covered because it looks like abuse. I sent it in a looking like a laptop and did not look like it was thrown from a building/split into 2 pieces. So they are sending it back and refunding the price of the plan, thats it. :mad:
    Beware !
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    Are you saying they're sending it back with damage that's worse than when you sent it in? You should have taken pictures of it (time stamped of course, such as with the current daily newspaper) before you sent it in as proof.
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    Na they are simply stating that the damage that happened from the stairs is not covered, I was just explaining that its not like I sent in the laptop looking like it was thrown from a building or cut in 2 pieces(abuse).
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    That's frustrating indeed. I guess that's a lesson for would be buyers that perhaps a home owners policy would be a better route.

    It does seem despicable though. This is of course assuming that you're telling the truth about its condition; but it sucks that they can sell you the warranty and basically not pay out in the event it is needed. Heck of a business model.

    I've heard many good stories about squaretrade, but all were iPads and mobile devices.
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    i agree, there great with mobile devices but with expensive products they don't want to pay out.
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    They're good with computers too. Many forum members have had nothing but good experiences with them, just like some people have had good experiences with AppleCare and some don't. Just the way business works, however you shouldn't promote your opinion as fact like your above statement.
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    Your defense isn't good enough. Majority of the positive square trade reviews are people who's hard drive or LCD died not ADH reimbursement. Sounds like square trade is only good for warranty repair not ADH repair. You might as well gotten AppleCare instead if they're going to treat you that way. I've learned my lesson long ago, 3rd party warranties aren't worth the toilet paper they're printed on. They're only liable to the purchase price of the warranty. That's whysquaretrade just refunded your money to wash their hands clean.
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    Yep, I mean they have reimbursed for iPods and such but when it comes to a $1699 laptop they find ways not too.
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    If you can prove accidental damage, you can technically take them to court over it.

    In the UK it's called "loss of bargain" - i.e. because they didn't fulfil their part of the contract, and you believed you had cover, you didn't take out alternative cover, and thus it's going to cost you more.
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    If dropping a laptop down a flight of stairs is not accidental damage, the what is? They are refunding you because its so much cheaper. How does one seperate abuse from accidental damage? The.results would be the same in a lot of cases.
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    If you were covered for accidental damages, just go through the terms and conditions and make sure that dropping it down the stairs is covered as in "Accidental" since it's pretty much impossible to prove that it wasn't accidental less someone video taped you doing it. If it's in your policy, you are paid in full or have some kind of agreement, and they made no efforts to not claim you as a customer, then they are in breach of contract. Try to get the higher ups like middle managers with some kind of power. If that don't work, it's time to talk to the executives. If that doesn't work, then it's time to start the legal process for a breach of contract.
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    Yeah I know it does not make sense, accidental is accidental unless its snapped into 4 pieces or something obvious, I have talked to everyone possible and there still refusing, stating damage is not consistent. I hate talk about them considering they are always hassle free, its just very frustrating and its not a cheap computer.
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    You can also file a claim with Wesco Insurance Company according to the service contract you purchased.
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    This is bull.
  16. Kushp14, Mar 7, 2013
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    Yeah I know
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    I always felt these accidental damage insurance companies were borderline shady and the whole thing is a waste of money.
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    Update : Squaretrade's media department took a second look at my claim after seeing my post here and basically are going to make it right and are going to pay me out since it is unrepairable. Thanks for looking out and making it right ! :)
  19. Acorn, Mar 8, 2013
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    This post has left a bad taste in my mouth. i will not be dealing with Square Trade ever. Even though they made it right they still obviously tried to get out of paying on a claim and Im not dealing with that. I am going with Worth Ave Group.


    they have decent prices too.
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    I haven't heard much good stuff about worth ave group
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    sigh. I guess I will keep looking or get it added on to my homeowners insurance.
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    What do you need it for ? Iphone , Mac ?
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    mac air, ipad, and 21 inch wacom cintiq.
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    I know going with Squaretrade after reading this post may of scared you but there more trustworthy.
    And this is the first time a ever had a issue with a claim.
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    Wasn't convinced before and certainly not convince now.

    They only solved it amicably when they felt it was damaging their image. What would have happened if you did not post here, only told your friends about this? You'd be out a computer because SquareTrade chose to return your policy instead of paying out.

    Can you imagine your car or home insurance company deciding to return your premiums instead of paying out a total?

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