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Beware of Clean Install!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iViking, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I just did a clean install of OSX Lion on my new 11" MBA. iLife did not reinstall, so I read somewhere you can download them from the app store, (since the new computer does not come with a thumb drive), and not be charged.

    So I clicked on iPhoto and poof! My card was charged!

    Anyone know how to download the iLife suite for free since it was included with the MBA?
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    Contact Apple. I'm sure they'll credit you for the purchase and the software you need. They have excellent customer service.
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    This is something I want to know too, not for clean install purposes, but for backup ones.
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    iLife comes pre-installed on all MacBook Airs, but if you re-format your drive, you permanently lose it...you can only get the OS back.
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    That seems like BS: iLife was included on all prior MB software discs. I bet Apple's got some way to put it back on your account or something.
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    Even if this is their official policy I'm sure they'll give you a "one time only" credit for the suite.
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    You must forget to "redeem" iLife at the first time when you login to Mac App Store.

    Now, probably you have to contact the Apple directly.
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    Any updates on this how to get iLife after a clean Lion install?
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    Should be on your recovery USB.

    See here
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    The newly released 2011 MBA's don't have a restore USB stick.
  11. Cynicalone, Jul 22, 2011
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    Open the Mac App Store and Garageband, iPhoto, and iMovie will appear in your account. You have to accept them and then will be added to your account.
  12. rds
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    I don't understand why people are doing a clean install on a new machine?
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    I did it to remove the unwanted iLife apps.
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    Apple usually includes printer drivers, language translations and many other space eating things. Doing a fresh install allows you to avoid these and maximize hd space.
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    How much space can you save?
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    The apps get tied to your AppleID and hardware serial number, once you "Accept" them in the purchased tab of the MAStore.
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    fixed the spelling :eek:
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    I am really confused :S ...

    You bought a brand new macbook air which comes with Lion preinstalled on it (brand new and clean)

    Yet you needed to re install Lion on it again? why did you do that :S

    Edit: Just read you did it to get rid of unwanted iLife apps but thats insane.. why didnt you just remove them?

    Its crazy re installing an entire operating system to want to uninstall a couple of programs ....
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    Does it do this as well in Snow Leopard? I can't get it too?
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    I like to start clean with a laptop and only install the apps I want. Deleting the apps would leave trash behind. It's simple to do a clean install if you have the time and a good internet connection. It's what I always do, I might be a bit crazy, but it is what I do. :)
  21. rds
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    Apart from the fact that you can't actually customise the installation.
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    To each his own I guess. I have a program that uninstalled and removes everything to do with the program you drag into it. So you get no trash items left behind or empty libraries
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    Sorry to sidetrack this thread, but I'm new to Macs & have a question about this with my new 13" base config 2011 Air. My Mac App Store shows that updates are needed for the pre-installed Garageband, iPhoto, and iMovie, but when I select "Update all" and provide my password, it asks me to purchase those apps.

    Is there something I need to do first to let the App Store know I "own" those apps since they were pre-installed?
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    Here's to the crazy ones...

    Anyway, any estimation on how much space you saved? Also, what's the esasiest way to do a custom Lion/iLife install if necessary? That is, I can't really choose and pick during install anyway, can I?

    Oh, and how much free space is there on a new 128GB 2011 MBA out of the box?

    I'm considering the 128GB 11" and will probably delete GarageBand in favor of my other audio apps so I perhaps I'll try what you did.
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    In a certain set of irony, when I launched the App store it actually gave me updates to the 3 apps. It then charged me for them. Awesome.

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