Beware of the Laser Printer

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by macEfan, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Warning, Long Post!

    scary thought...we always seem to be finding stuff that could kill us these days...guess its time to get rid of my old laser printer that was from 1997....
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    IJ Reilly

    Printing could be hazardous to your health

    Are we breathing second-hand toner?,1,2550555.story
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    How bored are our scientists today to study printer emissions?:confused:
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    Well good thing they were bored or otherwise we would not know this. :rolleyes:

    One a more serious response : most gov't and big businesses monitor air quality and content in offices. Probably noticed the toner in the samples and found it levels to be surprisingly high.
    makes sense - at my job the printer room is separate and very well ventilated.
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    Dam scientists taking the fun out of everything.....

    First it was smoking, then nuclear power, now global warming and stupid laser printers, I should just live in a test tube and eat cardboard.
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    Interesting because I just recently put a new Ricoh laser in, and I noticed that the manual specifically warned against using it with inadequate ventilation due to ozone production and other forms of indoor pollution.

    I'm pretty glad to see the Ricohs at the bottom of the particulate list, to be sure.

    And while there are certainly more serious things to worry about in the world than printer pollution, considering that a significant percentage of the population of the industrial world works in offices with laser printers around (hell, it's pretty hard to find a business outside of retail and food service that DOESN'T have one somewhere), if it's actually as bad as second hand smoke that's worth checking out.

    It'd probably be more dangerous than a whole lot of other things I can think of that people worry about.
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    Scientists have determined that eating cardboard is bad for you.

    Seriously, it's confusing to me that anyone would think that research like this is pointless or a waste of time. Maybe they can, you know, fix the problem? So there's one less thing that can kill you? There's no sense worrying about everything, but there's equally no sense ignoring actual dangers.

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    IJ Reilly

    Article says they did not analyze the composition of the particles, so we don't know if the particulate they found is toner or some other byproduct of the printing process. This was a deliberate study of particle emissions from laser printers -- they didn't just stumble on the finding.
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    Just think of all the toner they inhaled when they printed that report.:rolleyes:
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    Fully agree with this report. While I love my laser printers, they do make the air around them diabolical.

    I remember at university in about 1995, they had a printing room with about 15 photocopiers and laser printers, all running flat out. In the winter, with the windows closed, that room was absolutely toxic. I could feel my throat tightening up after a couple of minutes in there. I felt sorry for staff who had to spend hours in there.
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    Hey we have some of those printers at school...

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    FOR SALE: HP Color LaserJet 4650dn - cheap!
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    My company has 4 HP 8500 / 8550s, they're running all day.

    Canon CP660's should be added to the list as they use the same HP chassis with a slightly different casing - them scientists should have known that :rolleyes:.

    Toners are constantly jamming and leaking especially if compatibles are used, a while ago a whole room got a layer of pink dust all over it when a toner split and got sucked into the fans.

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    Oh, yay. My school has both the HP 4000 and the color 4650. Does that mean that I should tell the media specialist to go and check with her doctor for lung disease? Those things both run almost constantly, they're right next to each other, and the 4000 is almost ten years old. Time to be concerned? Should they start testing copiers too? I'm sure that they're much worse, they're rather larger than your average laser printer, and most tend to have much larger volume going through them.

    Or, alternatively, we can run with ErikCDLR's idea and fire off lawsuits. I'll call the lawyers! :rolleyes:
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    Actually the Laserjet 4000 your school has is's a non-emitter.... I guess age doesn't say how effective your printer is..... on the other hand your school's laserjet 4650 is something more to worry about....

    At the office we have two Laserjet 4050's and luckily they are also in the non-emitters list. We used to have an Apple Laserwriter 8500, but it recently got taken out of service... I can only imagine how badly that thing must have smogged... you could smell the toner after every printed page...:D
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    We used to have apple laser printers at school haha. Actually one big huge one was used until last year when they finally took it out of commission because one of the rollers had rolled so much it turned squarish and made the paper jam.

    Copy machines must be bad. I know one of them at my school, if you print a lot of pages it makes the entire room smell like toner.
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    Oh. Didn't see the 'non emitter' heading. :eek: Doesn't stop my opinion that the thing needs replaced, though. The rollers are starting to go out on Tray 1. The 4650 can wait, though. Small private school + expensive printer = keep said printer as long as the thing is able to put toner to paper.

    Oh, yeah, those things can get strong when you have them running for even a few minutes. Can't imagine how those stuck copying for hours straight can handle the smell—I suppose that after a while, you just get used to it.
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    My printer meets all California Safety and Emission tests.
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    Well I'm not giving up my Canon 6550 now. I finally got the damn thing working wireless under VMware + XP. I can live with a little cancer after that!

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