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Beware 'ozzyman' asking for promo codes

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by MacToddB, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. MacToddB, Apr 20, 2011
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    Will it matter if you don't give codes to noobs? Once the app is released, they could do the same thing. Only difference would be that they have to buy a copy then crack it.

    Is there any way within your code to know if it's a cracked version or a paid version?

    I don't know your app, but maybe having someone register the program otherwise they get a 'lite' version. Or have ads come up only if it's not registered.

    Customer buys the app, they get everything that's advertised, but they get ads or more levels/sounds/shapes/maps ... IF they choose to register. The app then can check from time to time to make sure it's registered (say once a week) then drop it back to the lite/ad based version if it's not the machine it was registered on.

    I don't know Apples rules yet, they might bark at this concept, but clearly Apple needs to step up and do something. Even given that most cracked app users wouldn't buy anyways, if you get a 20% boost, it's still YOUR app and YOU did the work.

    Back in the old days, there used to be products we could buy that helped stop this, we'll probably see that happen with phone apps.
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    Agreed. It's just insult to injury... the guy emailed me directly, asking for the code, and then cracked it, posted it, within hours (or minutes). At least buy it.

    I actually do have some code, that tries to make it a 'lite' version if it detects it's been cracked, but the crackers are always one step ahead it seems.

    I might resort to this in a future app, but I don't want to put legitimate customers through too many hoops.

    Right. The tricky issue is my app lets people create TEXT-TO-SPEECH ringtones. It uses a licensed service that I pay a fee for.... i.e. every 1,000 ringtones I have to pay X amount of dollars for, not to mention server bandwidth, etc. So this is not the case of an app that I might never have been paid for, but rather a service that each user, legitimate or not, costs real dollars. But it's really the principal, and if it discourages developers from posting codes on MacRumors, that hurts legitimate users, and developers.
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    That's bad luck. I would suggest you report him to the moderators. They won't be able to help as such but perhaps banning him will make it harder for him to get free promo codes and might actually have to buy the app.

    Edit: Balls, just noticed a moderator has already posted in this thread. Ban the guy already.
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    Actually that might be an opening for you, I don't know the details, but if you get charged for bandwidth and have a server they need to connect to... Just have them sign in (or auto sign in within the code).

    You don't really have to put paid users thru hoops if you code everything inside the app. (again I'm no expert) I you simply verify people in the start, write the code to a file, it wouldn't be but a button push or one-time login for the user.

    I really don't know if it's worthwhile, as has been pointed out by someone else, those that steel music wasn't going to buy it anyways.

    As far as you paying X per 1000, the only way of counting to the 1000 is legit buyers right? I'm guessing you keep track thru your app, if it's done thru the site without registration of checking then I think you need to do a quick update.

    I'd don't know your app, but is it something where the user pays say $1.99 and gets unlimited text-conversions?
    If that's the case, you better put out an update quick or this'll be a loss for you.
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    Thanks. All good ideas but I'd rather put my effort into new features. Yes, I'll likely be updating the app and invalidating the old one. Users pay $0.99, once, and get unlimited access, and if it's cracked, they still get unlimited use... Except I pay, not the pirates. :mad: Everything is unlimited because I don't like nickel and dime-ing users. Apple suggested I use In-App purchases (which can't be cracked I believe) and I could make the app free. Might do that for a future version, but it would screw over my existing paid users. Fortunately, my apps are successful, so it's not going to be a big hit, financially, but it's certainly soured me on MacRumors. And I wrote an ebook and articles in iPhone Life Magazine (I'm a Contributing Editor) recommending providing codes on MacRumors. Fool me once... you can't get fooled again.

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