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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Planner Dude, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Do most people have a favorable view of B & H Photo. I want to buy a macmini from there but Detroit is pretty far from NY so it's not like I can drive to their store if I have a problem with the unit.

    What about their applecare? the prices are insanely low ($52)! This is one of the reasons I was going to buy from there.

    The sale ends today, so if anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it ASAP.
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    Have no fear, they are legitimate. Also they are Authorized Apple Resellers. I have personally made multiple purchases from them.

    If there is a problem with the machine, you don't need to drive to B&H, you can call Apple support or go to your local Apple store.
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    B and H is okay.
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    I bought a Mac mini package of theirs two weeks ago (Base Mini + Wireless Keyboard + Magic TrackPad + AppleCare + Software), and I couldn't be happier. Shipping was immediate. Everything came exactly as promised. I registered my AppleCare with no problems, and, as AppleMango said, if I have any problems, I'll deal directly with Apple or my local Apple Store.
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    If B&H is offering AppleCare at their usual highly discounted price when you buy a Mac then there probably isn't a deal out there that can touch it. You can check the L.A. Computer Co. website to compare AC prices. It is consistently the low-cost alternative; if the B&H deal is lower then it won't be cheaper from any legitimate dealer. (eBay AppleCare auctions are rife with ripoffs, especially the dealers who e-mail the serial numbers.)
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    B&H been around a million years. Used to go to their little store on west 17th when I was a photographer assistant 30 years ago. 10 deep at the counters!

    Just bought a new mini from them, free parallels software, Apple keyboard and of course couldn't pass up the $52 applecare as well.

    Lucky you... you get to beat sales tax. Not me tho'.

    IOW, they're top of the line pro dealership.
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    Go for it!
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    I would highly recommend B&H. I bought my new Mini from them 3 weeks ago and have purchased a ton of photography equipment from B&H without any hassles including returns.

    A few years ago I purchased a couple of camera bags from them and was going to keep the one I liked best and return the other. After sending the loser back I discovered I had left one of my lenses in the bag by mistake. I figured I'd never see it again. I contacted B&H and explained what happened. They intercepted the return when it arrived and promptly returned my lens.
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    I'm from the UK, I bought a Sony Reader PRS-505 from them in November 2007 (ages before any e-ink readers hit the UK), and it delivered quickly as advertised.
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    yeah Buy it I got one 10 12 days ago nice deal. and or

    are both NYC dealers standup people. I can't begin to list how much gear I have grabbed from them.
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    That's a great deal on the package. I considered it myself, even though I don't need it, I wanted to get it for an HT computer but my wife immediately said no and I didn't want to come up with arguments. But they are legit and if you plan on getting AppleCare anyways, that's the best place to buy from as when you buy together you get 50% off that.
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    My experience is similar to others in the thread - over the years I've bought thousands of $ worth of equipment (mostly photographic gear) from them with total satisfaction, and no problems with returns or exchanges when needed. Their Resellerratings is stellar:
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    I bought a 2011 Mac Mini (mid-range) new from them about a month ago. About two weeks after placing my order the price dropped $50.00.

    I asked them to refund the price difference and they did gladly and quickly.

    I'm a happy customer!
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    I've spend thousands of dollars buying film equipment from B&H over the years. I highly recommend them--great support and fast shipping.
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    Can someone post a link to the "sale" that is ending today? All I see is the slightly discounted price with the free software option which runs until May. The Applecare price shown for me is $104 for 3 years.

    I'm looking to pick up a 2.3 i7 with the fusion drive. I'd like to get the package deal that was offered before but I guess that's expired. If I could get the $52 applecare I'd pull the trigger tonight. I've been going back and forth between mac mini and iMac but I'm pretty much set on the mini now.

    I have an older crucial SSD that I could throw in there but I'm tired of fooling around with my machine.
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    Put your Mac Mini in the shopping cart (pick your free software as well)

    CONTINUE SHOPPING - search for Apple Care for Mac Mini ($104.00)

    Add it to the cart - then view the cart - your 50% discount will be applied and the Apple care will be $52.00.

    That's how it worked for me...

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    choose your mini.... then, 'add to cart'

    then a window pops up with the computer plus some free software to choose from.... select one (cuz its free, yeah)

    then look on the left side of the window. there is a list of options under 'instant savings'

    click on 'computer accessories' at the bottom of list..... and...voila'! that takes you to the $52 applecare selection

    that'd be 25 bucks for the help. ;)
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    I'm another happy B&H customer, just like my father before me.

    Cameras, lenses, filters, bags, and applecare. I've never had an issue (or met someone that has).
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    Yep, I've drove by B&H and threw my wallet in several times. :D
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    That worked but it says that it expires on 1/31/12. Now I get a few more days to decide between the mini and the iMac!
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    thanks everyone! I just placed my order for the 2.3 model.

    Can't wait to hook it up!
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    I just went through the procedure to check. It shows up in my cart as $52.


    Todays the 31st, on east coast USA, about 5:30pm. So theoretically you should have till midnight Eastern Standard Time!
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    My note above should say 1/31/13. Here's what it says in the fine print when I try to order:

    "Save 50% On AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac mini
    Limit 1 items below per bundle • Expires: 01/31/2013"
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    I looked at B&H again.... so it does!

    Weird... you expect it to be 2012, so the 13 didn't register on my brain I guess. Unless... its a typo on their part and it should be 2012! :eek:

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