Big problems with my new G5.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MattG, Sep 25, 2003.

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    I already posted this on Spymac, but I wanted to see what you guys thought:

    I received my G5 yesterday, and I came home from work today to find a BIG problem.

    The weirdness started out this morning. I put my computer in sleep mode when I went to bed last night, and tried to wake it up when I got up this morning. When I did, the fans came on, however I got no output on the monitor. I shut it down, turned it back on, same response. I had to unplug it, hit the reset button inside the computer, and that seemed to fix it. While I was at it, I also repaired permissions since that sometimes helps fix weird, quirky things like this.

    I played on the computer for an hour or so, and then I turned it COMPLETELY OFF (not sleep mode, off) and went to work. I came home around 6 hours later to pick something up, and when I went in my room, I smelled this funny, faint smell. At first I thought nothing of it. I turned my G5 on and noticed that right away, the fans went on at high speed. I got no output on the monitor, and then the machine shut itself off after being on for about 15 seconds. I rested my hand on the machine when I noticed it was HOT. This is after being off for 6 hours! The machine was hot on the outside, and when I opened up the machine, I found that the processor heatsink was really hot, and the bottom of the computer (above where the power supply is stored) was BOILING, I mean, to the point where I couldn't keep my hand on it for more than a second or two without pulling it off.

    I am currently playing phone tag with a tech at Apple, who at first suggested I bring it in to a local service center (there are no actual Apple stores around here, so I'd just have to bring it to an authorized service center), and I told him that was unacceptable. This machine isn't even a day old and it's all sorts of ****ed up. I told him I want replacement and that if I couldn't get one, I'd ship it back to them and call American Express to get my money back. He understood, and he is currently researching what my options are (he said that since it's a CTO machine, that also might complicate things in terms of getting a new one fast) and he's supposed to be calling me back.

    Has anyone else heard of this happening? I want to make clear that I'm not exaggerating--the WHOLE MACHINE was hot, if not boiling, and this is after being completely off for 6 hours! I'm lucky I came home when I did--who knows what could have happened if I had left that thing plugged in until tonight!
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    Sounds like an electrical problem with the power supply.
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    That's what he said...A failed power supply most likely, and that it sounded like the computer never shut off completely.

    I talked to him since my first post--he's going to try and put my computer down as being "DOA" so I can get a replacement. This is such a disappointment! It was a nice computer for the few hours that it worked last night...
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    Dont Hurt Me

    sorry about your problems but this is why a lot of us mac users wait for those revision b models, heck even when software is released they still discover problems look at 10.2.8? anyways good luck and dont let them do anything but replace that sucker.
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    Sounds like a bad power supply.
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    Actually This a common problem with custom power supplies. Its actually what used to cause PowerBook 5300's to melt, they used a newly designed powersupply. At least they will declare it DOA, so you can get a new one. I'd also suggest that you get and APS-UPS system. I've found in my travels that several states, including Florida, Michigan, and Iowa have some powerproblems. This will prevent any power problems from affecting your G5, and if they do, APS will replace your equipment, up to $25,000.

    Good Luck,

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    Hehe I live in Florida actually. In the 9 years I've been here I've learned my lesson well enough to know to plug EVERYTHING into some form of a surge protector :) I have two APC backups that I use to plug my computer stuff into. Good suggestion though, thank you.

    As for my G5, I talked to an ADC sales person at Apple. They are sending me a call tag and they're going to give me a full refund for the computer. Plus they're reinstating my ADC purchase credit. For now, I'm just going to use my laptop and not have a desktop. This freaked me out a lot, and I am, to some extent, scared to have one of these in my house! I mean, like I said, who knows what could have happened if I hadn't happened to come home for lunch today. That thing would have sat there like that until 9pm!
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    Well if things got THAT hot in there, whether the machine works or not after a repair, I would still ask for a replacement machine. That type of heat can't be good for it.

    Also, isn't this considered a rev B machine anyway since its the same as the 12" and 17" Alu models, which have been through one revision already? I mean, saying the 15" is a rev A machine because of a different power supply is like saying that the 12" is a rev B machine because it didn't have cache before, making the heat built up different than before while working.
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    This is on a G5 Powermac, not a Powerbook.
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    I think I would have done the same thing - get you money back first, I mean FIRST. Then you will "CONSIDER" getting another machine. All else is total bs.

    Sorry for what happened, I am sure a lot of us went through similar stories at least once. It sux, but it can happen. I have to say Apple has disapppointed me a bit more than usual recently with their quality control.

    I just wonder about that Virginia Lab, I mean thousands of Dual G5 !!! I wonder how many are going to fail on any given day. We will soon know as they attempt to be ranked I believe by October 1st.
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    this is no doubt a power supply issue, and apple does not make the power supply. they simply rely on their suppliers to give them a good unit in every case, which is really impossible. obviously they can't test each one for 24+hrs, so this sort of thing does happen. i don't understand the previous post about "get your money back THEN consider buying a new computer", as all that's going to do is make it take longer-- it's not like Apple is going to suddenly claim that you never bought a G5 or something, jeez. nothing like being overdramatic.

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    Yeah, **** happens. I'm just glad it happened early so Apple considered it DOA.

    On the plus side, I'm absolutely delighted with this new 15" PowerBook. It's the best Apple notebook I've used. I think I'm just going to use this as my primary 'puter for right now, maybe put the G5 money towards something else.
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    I had a problem for a while with the USB hubs connected to the G5, then they just started working, like magic.

    No problems since. it's FAST! Except when it's waiting for the hard drive.

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