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Bigger iPod in September?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ACAx1985, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Is there a reasonable chance Apple may announce a bigger iPod in September?

    My 80 just died, and I'd hate to buy just a 120 if something may come in September.

    I'm a complete "mac rumor" newbie and I don't follow the company religiously, but I've been told September is when the company makes announcements like that.

    Any advice?

    (Hell, I may go and try to find a 160.. are they expensive/rare?)
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    Tallest Skil

    There will be new iPods in September.

    Apple forwent the 160GB one for the 120, so I don't really see any changes to the iPod classic at all this time around.

    You could find a 160 for cheap at a reseller or on eBay.
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    Tallest Skil

    They don't seem to legitimate, though... Maybe it's me; the site doesn't feel right.

    You can upgrade the hard drive yourself–it isn't that hard to get to–to a 240 even! I think... I'm pretty sure. Find the HDD measurements online somewhere and find a matching (physical) size drive.
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    i would not trust that, if you have your old ipod warrenty, it states never to open your ipod!, (idk were it is, but i know i saw it somewhere!):D

    wait till sept, maybe a 160GB may be release!, that may be smaller, cheaper, and thinner! :D
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    I can't get mine out of the black background/white Apple logo. I've tried diagnostics and reboots and AC charge and USB charge.. so I just assume it is dead.

    Any last ditch efforts?

    It happened when I was listening to a song with about 80% visible charge.. 10 seconds into track 10 it just froze. :(
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    Personally, I think Apple will discontinue the iPod Classic. Maybe not this year, but maybe next year.

    I do not think they will change the iPod Classic in September.
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    They are a legitmate company.

    I've purchased and used their external HDs.

    Their web site already has information posted.

    Go here and scroll down.

    It's very clear what upgrade options are available.

    I would disagree with this.

    There are customers who want a large capacity iPod. The Classic fills that niche now.

    I don't see Apple offering a thicker Classic like they did before. The current model is limited to 1 platter HDs unlike before where the Classic could hold 2 platter HDs.

    I do see Apple changing from HD to Flash memory at some point in the future. SSDs are too expensive so I don't see them going that route at this point in time.
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    I am really considering this $250 upgrade for a new battery (which would fix my current issue) and 240GB of space..

    Anyone had any luck?

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