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biggest hard drive on an iMac G3? 250gig?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by California, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Does anyone know if I can put a 250 gig deskstar hard drive 7200rpms, on a 500mhz iMac G3? I have put a 120gig hd on one it works flawlessly. But do i need to partition this? I cannot remember or figure it out.
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    iMac G3s do not have large drive support, so they will not support over 128GB. Anything over a 120 GB drive is really only a waste. You can put the 250GB in, but about 120GB of it won't be any use to you.
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    So, what will happen if I put the 250gig drive in the old iMac? Do you think it will affect performance or just not register the extra space? The difference between the 250 gig and a 120 gig deskstar, is that the 250 has a larger (8mb) cache than the 120 that has a 2mb cache. I guess i'll just drop it in the iMac if it doesn't hurt anything...
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    Your Mac will only see this first 128GB and not be able to see or use the remainder of the drive.

    There are 120GB drives with the 8MB cache. They run about $70 or so.

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