Biggest Purchased Music Playlist?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by sethypoo, Nov 18, 2003.

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    So, who has the biggest purchased music playlist?

    I have a total of 77 songs so far (as of 11-18-03), and very proud. I am totally LimeWire free now.

    And, just for curiosity's sake, about how often do people purchase here?

    I buy about 2 songs a week, give or take.
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    Ok, I hate to admit it... 148 songs. Most of them as albums.
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    I have purchased 3 songs from the iTMS, although I may be buying like 15-30 songs soon...
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    as soon as the pepsi promo starts, watch out! none of my naive friends know anything about it so I will scour them for their bottle caps! All a bunch of freeloaders.... all the better for me!
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    52 songs

    I can't remember exactly how long the iTMS has been open so I can't calculate my average.

    I just bought the Cash EP for the box set I can't wait to get my hands on (If you care)!

    Wait, since my first purchase (Dylan's exclusive songs) was April 28, then I'm about 2 songs a week.
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    I have spent probably 200 bucks on myself, and another 100 on sending gift certificates for my international iTunes lovers.

    Best thing since pie, baby :)

    - Doc
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    My first song was "Scientist" by Coldplay. Great track.
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    3 individual songs plus 1 album equal a grand total of 15 songs. Probably near the bottom of most users here.
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    I've got 133 songs so far. I've purchased most of them as albums though. I'm too lazy at the moment to go back & actually do that math. ;)
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    Well, so far I've got everyone beat. Assuming my iPod is correct, I have 223 songs in my "Purchased Music" playlist.
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    Only 4 songs. I'd buy more, but I'm unemployed.

    I have a bunch of songs I plan to replace with legitimate copies once I have money flowing in again.
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    my wife and I have 312 songs from iTMS -- A whole lot of albums in there
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    I have to note the hipocracy here.

    You say you're going to take the free songs your "naive friends" win, and then you call them freeloaders?
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    Children, we can all learn from sketchy and his wife.

    :) :rolleyes: :D
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    282. And rising.
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    Nevermind, children, we can all learn from Dangerboy!

    I am a student at the moment, so I buy at the rate of 1-2 songs max a week. Money is scarce while it college, I"ve found.

    :) :rolleyes: :D
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    96 - 1 album.

    I've spent more money on music since iTMS debuted than in the previous 6 years.
  19. zim
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    Just curious, how do you and your wife manage the purchases, do you share an account? or do you buy duplicates? My wife and I have been sharing an account, 47 songs so far, I would be interested to know how other couples, married or not, are using the iTMS.
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    I'm not married, nor do my girlfriend and I live together, but she has iTMS for windows, and I have it for my Mac, but we share our music between our two computers by transferring it over iChat/AOL chat servers. Both our computers are authorized to play the other's music. Also, she has an account here on my Mac, which is set up through iTMS with her credit card to buy music.

    I don't know if this answers your question zim, but it's a way a unmarried couple does it. :)

    Edited for clarity's sake.
  21. zim
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    So, do you each have your own account name? humm, are we able to have multiple accounts authorized on the same machine at the same time? I should go do some reading. Currently we are just using my account and buying, which works for us but say if we had a party and someone brought over some tunes, it would nice to be able to have multiple accounts accessible on the system at once.

    You did answer my question, I am just curious how others are using iTMS in situations that involve people who happen do be a part of one another lives, regardless as to where they live or what their status is.

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    23 songs. Considering i'm a student with no income, thats pretty good, especially since im the only kid in HS who cares to pay for music. I still prefer to run down to my local record shop and pick up used albums for less than $5. :)
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    For the albums I know I want to keep around, I usually buy used as well. I like the fact that I have an uncompressed source to compress from, in case some other audio compression format comes around. I'm sure that in 10 years there's going to be something better that takes up less space -- or storage costs will plummet so much that I can keep my music collection uncompressed.

    But for stuff that I'm not too sure about, or stuff that I just want to have in my collection, I d/l it from iTMS.
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    132 so far and I average 2-4 per week. This is a huge amount considering that prior to the iTMS I hadn't bought any music in the last 6-7 years.
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    quick question. i'm not raining on your parade or anything, i'm just curious.

    for those of you buying albums off itunes, why wouldn't you just go out and purchase the cd, and then rip it yourselves? then you get a fancy hardcopy also.

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