Bill Gates as Morpheus? Steve Ballmer as Neo?

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    #1 reports on Bill Gates' keynote speech at this years Comdex.

    The highlight of the speech, however, appears to be a Matrix Spoof with Bill Gates as Morpheus and Steve Ballmer as Neo.


    More images available at
  2. dho
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    go away Bill
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    HAHAHA very funny (NOT!!!)

    They can't even get that right.... god bill gates really sucks he wants to be soooo cool but he nver will...:D
  4. arn
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    can't wait to heard about the next troyan/virus causing havoc and ruining windozeheads endless fields: "red pill virus".. hehehe
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    it sucked. it was in poor taste. it isn't even close to being accurate.

    This is one nerd that obviously spent way too much time in front of an old CRT... he's just plain retarded, his brain has been fried.

    Ballmer... well he's just an escaped circus geek. He was never smart to begin with.
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    What do you bet this was produced on a Mac?
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    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame :rolleyes:
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    Oh come on yall, this is pretty funny looking. I want to see the video lol :D
  10. dho
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    Say what you will about Bill and MS (and believe, me I'm no fan) but their spoofs have typically been pretty funny. The VW, "dah, dah, dah" one in particular was a lot of fun to watch.
  12. arn
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    You guys remember the Volkswagen commercial that they spoofed a whileback? The "Da da da..." one?

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    BLAH! bill gates is a waste of my life
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    Can't you understand Open Source Has A Place!

    Linux and other Free OS will always have a backing.

    And IBM (also a major supplyer of Windows computers) should be parodied.

    You want to lose IBM's Desktops?

    Way to go.

    Anyway doesn't Neo take the Pill that leads him to the Matrix... and um the whole thing.

    But in this they stay in MS land... and wham. Stay in their pittiful perfection.

    Tell me when a video comes... SAD
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    I love it how you guys rate everything negative if anything to do with Apple's competition is mentioned, lol.

    I'd like to see Steve Jobs do that :)
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    If Gates was Morpheus and Ballmer Neo god the world would have been screwed. I mean, can you picture any of those pasty loser geeks dodging a punch or a bullet? They wouldn't have mad it out of the first first movie, let alone a sequel.

    And as far as what they're saying, all BS! I can give you horror stories, MAJOR data loss disaster horror stories regarding M$ and they're totally crappy, not secure, very weak server system on even weaker hardware. Conversely I can rattle off nothing but success stories regarding IBM and Linux. M$/Bill/Ballmer are just scared, and should be, their incredibly sucktacular product has a very real contender in IBM/Linux.
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    OK, in the matrix, morpheus and neo were on the side of the under-dogs. The small guy. They represented more of an 'open source', command line, techno, geek, hacker persona. Microsoft represents the Matrix... As much as they'd like it to be, Microsoft is the bad guy here... Yet another example of Microsoft trying to blind millions with it's ad campaigns...

    IBM should release an add. "The Matrix has you", and then flash a microsoft logo...
  19. deejemon, Nov 17, 2003
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    No, we can honestly tell an uber-geeks' desperate attempt at being perceived as "cool" (and they fail miserably) when we see one, that's all.

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    No... I don't remember.

    I remember that they had a iPod and VW Beetle ad... but never a spoof, can you link us?
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    Re: Bill Gates as Morpheus? Steve Ballmer as Neo?

    wonderland indeed.
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    Steve Jobs should be Morpheus and Ellen Feiss should be Neo or Trinity !! :D
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    typical MS crappola. don't they have a single original idea - "oh, bill let's capitalize on the popularity of this new matrix movie thingy- the kids will eat this up".

    oh yeah, and the mention of a search function for documents, the harddrive and email -hmmm, sounds like a function from 10.2 from a about 1.5 years ago - the search function. doi!

    crappy software imitating/parodying a crappy overrated movie. striking similarities though - slick production, candy shell and very little substance - they are a perfect match.

    is it hot in here, oh just the flames from those about to defend the matrix as a zen-like apocalyptic experience - bunk.
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    anyone got a mirror with the movie?

    I want to see the movie...!!!!!

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