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Bill Gates owns 51% of Apple..

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by alxths, Jun 22, 2003.

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    This is complete bull****, right?

    Someone's been trying ot tell me that he bought all of Jobs' stock when he left for the first time and now owns a non-votable 51% ofthe companies stock...
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    Is there any link I can use to prove that?
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    Where do people get this crap?

    Apple gave MS some non-voting shares in exchange for $150 mil. in cash and to settle some lawsuits and got some MS patents in that infamous deal when Steve took over Apple from that bumbling clown Amelio.

    As far as I know MS no longer owns any of those non-voting shares and NO ONE owns 51% of Apple's stock, most certainly not Bill Gates.

    There is a pension fund or two heavily invested (one from Hawaii sued Apple BTW), some Saudi "Prince" heavy into Apple, but they don't come anywhere near 51%.
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    esp after seeing Pirate of Silicon Valley, people think that gates is running apple
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    Yes the Saudi Prince is (i think) the largest sole stockholder at something like 4.1%...

    You shouldn't have to... If someone makes a claim about a company, it's really their obligation to prove it. I doubt there is any site specifically addressing this question, but if it were true, there would certainly be many sites about it--

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    Microsoft owned a small amount of non voting shares.

    They have since sold these shares.
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    You could go to Apple and look under their SEC filings; you look at their proxy statements for who owns what.

    In more general terms, you can go to a site like www.cbsmarketwatch.com and go to their insiding trading section and you can see who owns what and who's selling what.
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    If gates owned 51% dont you think it would be more common for MS PRODUCTS TO BE ON APPLE.... sorry scuse me getting excited about the new product anoncements..... MS did own shares at one time and like so many have said those shares count for nothing and as to wether they still have them is well unclear to me not that i care ... just a comment ...
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    Okay, okay... if you want to prove it, visit www.msn.com, and check out Apple's stock history for 1997 (Symbol AAPL, 10-year view). I believe that the announcement was made late in the year, when Apple's stock was around $3-5. At this rate, with only $150 million dollars, they could only have purchased a small percentage of Apple's 130 million stocks, (according to their 1998 SEC filings available on Apple's website) At $4.75 per share, they could have only purchased 31.5 million shares, meaning that they owned 24%ish, if they were even voting shares. At $3 per share, they would have owned 50 million shares. Still not half.

    While they may have been the majority stock holder, Gates never owned 51% of Apple. I hope these rumors are put to bed now.
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    this is a 4 year old thread.

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