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Bill Gates talks about HIS home computer and the future

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Grimace, Mar 7, 2004.

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    Bill Gates talked about his own home computer and the future of computing at a recent talk at Harvard University.

    There were about 350 students there, and he encouraged the pursuit of computer science - blah, blah. But, he was forceful with his thoughts on new technologies. Wireless was a big one (no one is suprised by this,) and the other was speech recognition software. Wireless computer monitors peaked my interest, but the voice recognition was the concept he was driving home. (Especially for countries like China where there are a ton of characters - making keyboard use difficult.)

    He touted a home wireless network - where music, video, games, tv - are all transmitted around via wireless. (He hinted that his house was setup this way right now) I found it interesting that he slammed the music industry in saying that it should embrace the new technologies to get people to listen to more music - interesting...

    He also had a "Smart Watch" - which had up to date weather, traffic, and internet stock data.

    I wish I had asked him what he thought of VPC, IBM/Intel, and a few other burning questions....
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    I think Bill Gates has had a house where a computer controls everything for some time now. This is something that has taken a lot longer to happen than he perhaps thought. It looks as if things will go that way though gradually, with the advent of wireless technologies and embedded computers in everything including washing machines. Wasn't Bill's house designed on a Mac though?

    Not surprising he's slamming the music industry. They want a piece of the iPod pie. Not that they haven't cornered the market with WMA anyway..
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    is it just me or can Bill Gates only think about HIS ideas and HIS company and not see that there are other good ideas out there? he takes other peoples ideas and make them his own and then he bashes the original idea......i just think he is an arrogant pos who needs to realize that there is more than just him in the computer industry..
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    that may be a little harsh. He wasn't saying the future of computers is Microsoft, he was saying that computers can and will play a larger role in the near future. It was a pep talk for upcoming technologies and a call for innovative ideas in computing.
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    i dont like all the bill bashing going on. antitrust lawsuits aside this was a talk to studnets to show them a vision of what computers can do in the lives of people, not exclusivly about msoft, give the guy a break
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    Well, I dont know about that one...Ever watch chinese TV shows? Most of the time there are subtitles in Chinese to go along with the spoken dialouge...If people cant hear it right just by listening, how is a stupid computer supposed to?

    Besides, like Jeff Raskin once said, speach rec. is just another user input, it doesnt fundamentally change the ease of use (though it can) because you still need to remember what commands you can use and in what order etc etc...reminds me of DOS...UI and clicking is wayyy faster because (usually anyway) things are laid out right on front of you, if you want it, you just click it! Thats it!
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    Savage Henry

    I agree with your sentiment, particularly when you compare it with Steve Jobs who can't go 2 minutes in a public forum without mentioning the either the words Apple or Pixar, or their products and services. But then considereing his position, I wouldn't expect him to.

    And by that token, Gates is so synonymous with Windows that when he speaks, it's Windows that is speaking. So I'd say it was fair game to read into what he, and for that matter Jobs, says.
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    I wonder if instead of light switches he has Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons on the wall :)
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    hehe :p
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    I have read that he has wireless set up so that he and visitors wear startrek like communicators that track movement around the house, making music follow the walker.
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    If something like that was built into a watch then you could have lights and things turn on and off as you go in and out of rooms.
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    I really doubt it as AutoCad is not available on the Mac (and most high-end CAD/CAM software isn't either.) I think at the price he paid for his house, his contractors and architects were probably top o' the line and didn't use substandard software.
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    Billy Gates may be the devil, but he does a lot for charaties and that is something that he should be commended for. I won't bash him, but you'd be hard pressed to get two positive words out of my mouth about his OS.
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    i must apologize for my rant on bill gates earlier, it wasnt appropriate to this thread or any thread for that matter, i guess im just sick of hearing about bill gates says this bill gates says that... i was just worn out with it right then.....i dont have anything against the man personally, but i just dont like the way he runs his business or his products thats all....

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