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Bill Gates Transition/Retirement

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by zap2, Jun 15, 2006.


What is your view of Bill Gates?

  1. Philanthropy: Only to hide previous sins.

    106 vote(s)
  2. Philanthropy: Genuine.

    220 vote(s)
  3. Microsoft: He's Microsoft, therefore evil.

    112 vote(s)
  4. Microsoft: Stop hating on him... He's an indisputable genius!

    83 vote(s)
  5. 1997 Apple Investment: I hate him for how he tried to use Apple to beat the Antitrust suit.

    52 vote(s)
  6. 1997 Apple Investment: It kept Apple afloat until Steve worked magic, so He's alright by me.

    118 vote(s)
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    Its true,, i guess his comment about wishing he was not the richest man was true

    That all there is for the time being on CNN

    In 2008 :(

    I guess in time for Vista to come out

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    Let us not forget that Gates is perhaps the greatest philanthropist the world has ever known. Whether or not you like MS, you have to admit his money is saving thousands of lives. I wish him luck.
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    Well the reason he says for leaving is to help more people. I think its a great idea, leave MS to fail, and go save lifes, works for me.
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    Though his money and fame mostly comes from stolen products and monopolistic business practices. meh? who cares, he's saving lives! *smoke screen alert*
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    It's only my opinion, but saving lives is probably more important than arguing over which OS is better. On balance, making Explorer the default browser is a sin that's probably more than compensated by spending billions on trying to eradicate third world diseases. Sense of perspective?
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    You are so right. Nevermind the little boy he raped at his neverland ranch. It's all good.
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    I didn't even mention "which OS was better," merely he's using the money that he has that he didn't earn honestly to make himself look like the good guy. That's all.
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    Bill Gates announced Thursday afternoon he will step down as CEO of Microsoft Corp. and company President Steve Ballmer will take over the CEO role. The changes were to take effect immediately. :eek:
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    Whatever I might think about the man's products, he and his wife are SERIOUS philanthropists and should be commended.

    Balmer as CEO.. now THAT'S scary.
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    Ah we are talking about philanthropists right now in History.

    He said Gates has basically piggy-backed on Carnegie

    That he was extremely slow to donate anything
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    A tenner says ol' Scoble saw this coming.

    Good luck to Bill, but anyone with any sort of stake in Microsoft must be shaking - Ballmer as the top man is the death-knell for that organization.
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    Ballmer has been CEO for years. Gates has been only the chairman for a while now.

    Also, he didn't start hemorrhaging cash in the direction of charities until he got married.
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    He's not stepping down. He's still staying on as Chairman. He's just not going to be invloved with the daily operations. As a previous poster mentioned, Ballmer has been the head of MS for many years now.
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    I doubt we'll notice any differences.
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    Marriage can change a man! :eek: :D
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    But Gates is the figurehead, the person many people associate with MS.

    This announcement is intended to make Ballmer the figurehead, or at least start the ball rolling on his transition to figurehead.
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    It's a modern day Carnegie
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    A Steve Ballmer figurehead is a scary visualization..
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    Thanks, Peace. That just train wrecked a nice afternoon. :eek:
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    Bill Gates Transition/Retirement


    The web is buzzing with the news, announced by Microsoft today, that Microsoft founder Bill Gates will cease to have a day-to-day role in the company after July 2008, with a "smooth and orderly transition" between now and then.

    Gates, who wants to "spend more time on his global health and education work," through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has had much influence on the history of not only Microsoft but on the software and computer industries as a whole, including Apple's history.

    After the transition period, Gates, who at age 50 is considered to be the world's richest person, will remain the company’s chairman and will be an advisor on key development projects.

    Gates was sometimes criticized in the past for a late start to philanthropy, but has since devoted much time and attention, along with his wife, to health and education issues.
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    he must retire some day…
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    SO confused.

    wtf does a chairman do?
    why is it when you think of microsoft you think of the chairman and not the CEO like we do with apple?

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    If he was REALLY that philanthropic, he'd stop trying to cram IE down the whole worlds throat.... and create a more secure OS..... and practice fair business strategies...

    There are a lot of disgusting people that do nice things once in a while....

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