Bill Gates v. Steve Jobs on BBC2

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    BBCNews is broadcasting a Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs edition of their "The World's Most Powerful" television series.

    The series "examines some of the most powerful celebrities in the world. It traces their stardom back to its roots and plots their path to fame. Financial guru, Alvin Hall weighs up their celebrity and influence and answers the question: Who is the World's Most Powerful?"

    The program is available on BBC2 in the UK.
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    What time

    What time would that be Pacific time? This should be exciting!
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    Go BBC!
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    Re: What time

    1.50pm (PST)
  5. arn
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    Staff Member

    hopefully some UK people will let us know who wins :)

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    Let battle commence....

    should be interesting ---
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    I'm going to watch it but i expect a biased or misinformed account of the two.

    However it is the BBC and i have some hope anyway.
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    [michael buffer's voice] leeeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to ruuuuuuumble!
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    Max Miles

    yeah but...

    I haven't been able to find on the BBC site an online version of the broadcast. Any of you on the west coast or in the states know where or how to watch it? How are you guys going to watch this? I have cable, but it doesn't carry the BBC.

  10. arn
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    I don't think people in the U.S. can get it. We're going to have to rely on our UK counterparts.

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    Max Miles


    C-Span has a video stream which I regularly watch, the BBC should be doing the same. Aren't they in the process of digitizing ALL of their programming from the last century? You'd think with such progressive ventures they'd have a stream going...


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    Pity i don't have a tv capture card.

    Wait! I don't even have a TV either...good i got an hour then to find one!
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    there is a BBC channel on Direct TV in the 200's, thought I don't know if it will be broadcasting the program...
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    Hey, UK wanna do the Americans a favor

    If anyone could, please, for the love of "god who blesses America" *pshaw* could one of you guys record it and post it online? It'd be great for the rest of the world. Thanks for anyone who does.
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    Let's not kid ourselves, though...

    Bill Gates is definitely more 'powerful' than Steve Jobs. The prevalence of Windows gives Gates an incalculable degree of power. Steve is a leader of innovators, a visionary, and a truly admirable personage in the world of tech, but he doesn't have the power (in general) the Billy has.

    Though his ways with the Music industry make you give it a second though...
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    Re: Hey, UK wanna do the Americans a favor

    Hi guys, forgive me if this post goes wrong, I'm a newbie to this site. I'd willingly record it for you and post it in my idisk but my eyetv is knackered. I will give an imformed opinion of the show in a couple of hours. The bbc do have a good reputation (even in the uk) for providing a fair and balance perspective.
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    We have BBC News, that's about it...
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    Max Miles

    It's interesting to see expressed in this little predicament the limits of technology, or in our use of it to date. The technology is there, but where are we? Americans can't watch a british show, how silly. We're always lagging economically behind the advent of technology, is that it? Can't get a TV recorder until I can afford one, can't get a G5 until... etc.
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    I agree, Steve Jobs has admirable qualities in a world leader, like charisma and charm (and hygiene). But Bill Gates has been more 'successful', by purely Capitalistic standards. I mean, didn't Bill keep Apple in business for the past 10-15 years? Didn't Microsoft own a large minority of Apple's stock? I mean, Bill doesn't do this for altruistic reasons of course, he needs Apple, so that he doesn't run a complete monopoly, but let's not kid ourselves, Apple is nothing compared to the financial empire of Microsoft.

    In conclusion, Apple is better than Microsoft, and capitalism sucks.
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    k2k koos

    TV time

    Finally some interesting television, although probably biased, but then again so are we, or am I wrong?

    Looking at the BBC's website regarding this program, the research they did on Steve could have been better, but that's just the BBC, let's see what the program presenter makes of it.
    Most powerful doesn't have to mean strictly money(which is Bill, no doubt).
    What about the fact that Apple computer under Stee's rule is able to transform entire industries, (think imac design, translucency) launch new ones, is innovative, and copied by others (see the recent iTunes examples).
    That can be regarded as powerful too, although most influencial is probably better...
    Now the 64 bit computing is next (and in full swing)... I'll keep you guys posted!

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    Yes, monitarily Bill Gates is more powerful than Steve Jobs - but put it this way: If Jobs and Gates died 4 years ago - which death would have a greater impact on the world. MS would have continued like it always has but Apple would have been dead. There wouldn't have been ITMS or iTunes. There wouldn't be such success for wireless or for DVD-RWS. There would be no company in the world pushing the envelope the way that Apple/Jobs does.

    About the part where MS has funded Apple - that is crap. What happened was MS was losing an intellectual property lawsuit with Apple and the settlement that they reached was that MS would buy some NON-VOTING stock. All of which was paid back for a profit for MS. It wasn't much of a settlement but it worked out for the best.
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    No, I completely agree with you one that. Certainly if Apple had died 4 years ago, I would be out of a job (or maybe still working at Mcdonalds). I'm just wondering how The BBC will judge the contribution Steve has made to the world.
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    Hey everyone, I got this from the Direct TV site.

    Maybe it'll be on.....I don't have Direct TV, but those who do should check!
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    what about strenght?

    If they are doing it by strength then Jobs would kill gates. Gates is a little weakling, at least during keynotes u can tell Jobs has some muscels.
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    Bill Gates v. Steve Jobs on BBC2



    Sorry. :p That's the first thing that came to mind when I read the headlines.

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