Bill Gates wishes he weren't so rich

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 5, 2006.

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    Cry me a river.....

    On the other hand, he has lost an estimated $40 billion dollars in the last 6 years, which is more than the worth of anyone else in the world.
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    I'd be depressed if I made billions from a faulty product, too.

    Boo hoo™, Bill. :rolleyes:
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    hey mr.gates send me a cheque for a couple of billions....:D
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    The only solution? Send a $10,000 check to every US citizen.
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    well lets make it for everyone in the world...:D
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    eh the guys still human, he might be the head off M$ which causes millions of thousands of headaches everyday but he's still entitled to an opinion.

    Yeah I be being the richest person in the world does have it's downsides. When you can buy literally anything you want without having to save for it that really doesn't leave much to be desired in life.

    Plenty of lottery winners have had their life destroyed by their winnings.
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    Yes! That.

    What to do.What to do. So much money........ booooooo hooooo hooooooooo
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    i know that no one feels sorry for him..... i do understand where he is coming from(as in i can imagine it would suck) Goes to show there are far more important things than money. Thats why i teach!
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    It makes you think about those with old money, that don't get much, if any attention - I think I'd prefer that situation.
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    'The only solution? Send a $10,000 check to every US citizen.'

    Good idea, everyone will get a Mac and SJ will be the richest man in the world!:p
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    In the guardian (in the UK) he apparently said that people were underestimating Microsoft at the moment, which may be an interesting point.
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    Me + $40 Billion + casino = problem solved!
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    ha! no MS is on a downward trend, i don't think they will be able to reverse that trand for a while, due to the negative stigma they've gained
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    he's still worth $50 billion.

    thats still impressive. but my god... i would cry like a baby if i lost $40 Billion in 6 years.
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    I hope you mean that you'll buy a casino with it ;)

    I think some of the money he has "lost" has gone to the Gates foundation.
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    IJ Reilly

    The Gates net worth is generally computed based on his ownership of Microsoft stock. He's been selling his shares of Microsoft steadily for years, and diversifying into other things. So his net worth is probably significantly more than $50 billion. As for "nothing good coming" from such wealth, you'd think that Bill might cite the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Makes a person wonder whether His Billness actually believes in the value of philanthropy.
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    :) I love the, "I sit alone" comment. I like Billy.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if, % of earnings wise, he gives away more than everyone who has and will post in this thread berating him for his observation that money isn't the be and end all. Let's be fair, he's fairly well qualified to make that observation.

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    impossible, though if a lot of macs are purchased Apple may raise his salary to $2 annually instead of $1.

    Oh and being rich is a choice. He could simply "choose" not to be rich, so what he's saying is a downright lie until we hear a story about Gates giving up all his wealth. I know if I had Gate's wealth I'd give it away.
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    If you burn enough bridges you're going to end up alone. Perhaps if he wasn't as hellbent on smashing people to get another dollar this wouldn't be as much of an issue for him.

    Imagine the opportunity for good if you had this amount of money. Imagine the projects you could set into motion...I suppose he could buy some friends if he really gets down.

    I would have thought his philanthropy project would have yielded some sense of personal satisfaction...maybe it's too against his evil nature. :p
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    pardon my saying so, but that sounds even more pretentious than Gates...
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    He would need nearly 3 trillion dollars to do that. In actuality, he could only send a check for $167 to every US citizen assuming he was able to liquidate all of his assets dollar for dollar.
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    I was being facetious and didn't need the math lesson. But thanks anyway.
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    IJ Reilly

    Good point. If his money hasn't brought him much satisfaction, maybe it's his long-burried conscience speaking. Gates reminds me of steel baron Andrew Carnegie, who spent decades throttling anyone who got in between him and a dollar. Even though later in life Carnegie gave away a lot of his wealth, he remained an embittered man, or so I understand.

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