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Bite of the Apple iPhone will set you back €1,200

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 1, 2008.

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    ouch and i thought we were gettin ripped of here in the UK!
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    That 1200 Euro price is for a year and a half's service. The iPhone itself is 399-499 Euro.
    That's about the same as it is here in the states.
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    Granted, that's still about 50% more than what we pay here in the US, but you're right, the 1200 euro price includes the service for the length of the contract.
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    Damn, the Irish are getting seriously ripped off. €45 for ONLY 175 minutes, 100 texts, AND a 1GB data cap? I really don't imagine much more than the hardcore Apple-heads buying this in Ireland.

    After looking at the O2 Ireland website, it seems to me like O2 is ripping off all their customers. That iPhone rate is right between the €35 (150 min, 100 texts) and €50 (250 min, 100 texts) but they bundled the €15 1GB data plan in the iPhone package and made it €45.
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    Everyone who's not buying a phone on ebay is a fxcking idiot.

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