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BitTorrent chief warns DRM is bad for iTunes

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Ugh, at least come up with a better reason than the opportunity to sell advertising. :p
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    I think the future will not be marked by digital rights management. It will be marked by advertising-supported content that's clear of DRM, because the content publisher wants it to be as widely distributed as possible and consumed over as many platforms as possible.

    Come on - napster is trying that right now. Look at the HUGE success they are having. People need to get over it and realize that neither the music of movie companies will agree to their stuff running around for free. As well they shouldn't - they spent money, time and effort making that stuff I'm not against them making some coinage for an effort well done...
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    Free + Advertising is not free.

    I'd much rather pay a nominal amount and not have to deal with advertising, i HATE advertising.
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    I buy TV programs on DVD to be avoid the massive amounts of commercials you get on the tube.
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    Unfortunately they cram too many commercials on DVDs now too!! Arg!
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    Not to mention the ads and previews at the movies - I don't mind previews but the ads are getting out of control. The last movie I went to had a "pre-show" that went for 25 minutes.
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    "Have you had an accident and it wasnt your fault?" :D

    I freakin hate all the car insurance and compensation ads on TV at the moment. *Moment = past 5 years!
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    I know exactly what you mean...Chris Rock was talking about these ads

    "Do you go to bed at night..and wake up in the morning?"

    Avoiding ads is a good thing for sure

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    I think iTunes DRM solution works really great and is very generous.

    I'd say Apple don't need to worry 'bout it.
    It's always people who wants everything for free that is arguing about the DRM.
    And I would NEVER buy music that came with some kind of advertising!

    What needs to be targeted is the problem with all the different DRM systems that is not compatible.
    What I think Apple should do is to let a selected few high quality devices like sony walkmans and the best mobilephone brands be able to play itunes store music.
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    "because the content publisher wants ...."

    Who, if not the content publisher, WANTED DRM in iTunes? Apple surely is not the driving force behind the need for DRM. The RIAA is. DRM is something the "content publisher" DEMANDED or else iTunes would never have been allowed to exist.
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    I'm pretty fed up with advertising. It's bad enough on Disney DVDs but even going to the movies and paying $14 is terrible. Recently, I went to see Hollywoodland and the ads showing before the movie ran 20-25 minutes! We were ready to leave the auditorium and demand our money back!

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