BitTorrent Sync Launches for iOS, Brings Unlimited File Backup and Encrypted File Transfers

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Popular peer-to-peer service BitTorrent has launched BitTorrent Sync for iOS, an app that allows users to sync and backup an unlimited number of files across their devices as well as the ability to share files with other devices. The app allows for syncing of photos and videos with Camera Roll backup integration, and also offers encrypted file transfers and QR code support for peer transfers.

    Prior to its release on iOS, the app started as an Android-only project released in beta last month. BitTorrent Sync can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: BitTorrent Sync Launches for iOS, Brings Unlimited File Backup and Encrypted File Transfers
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    I guess Apple has no reason to reject this app but I'm still a little surprised to see it in the app store. Are iOS users keeping track of their BitTorrent Linux distro downloads? :D
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    It's gone in 5...4...3...2...1
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    Why should it be deleted? There are lots of file management apps on the App Store which are meant to be used for copying stuff around. This just adds an element of automation.
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    I dont even understand why regular torrent clients arent allowed on the appstore?? :confused: Torrents aren't illegal .
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    Agreed. I doubt this app will be deleted from the App Store.
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    I'm excited, can't wait to put it through it's paces!
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    Some webpages are illegal, but that's no reason not to allow web browsers to exist on your operating system.
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    I misread his post, I though he was saying that torrents were illegal, which he did not. I agree with him actually now that I re-read his post. This is what happens when you start to browse forums 30 minutes after you wake up and are still tired :p
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    Jessica Lares

    No iPad support? *YAWN*
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    I totally did.

    omg... I read him totally backwards. How did two of us do that.
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    long live bittorrent! the best torrent i have ever used.:cool:
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    Been waiting for this but disappointed I can't send files from other apps to btsync via 'open in'. So for now its useless to me. I want to be able to open a text document in another app, edit it then send it back to btsync.
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    why would anyone need a toorent on his/her smartphone. i mean, what's the point?:confused:
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    You're missing the point. BTSync keeps folders of your choosing in sync with other folders of your choosing on devices of your choosing.

    Think of it like dropbox without actually putting any of your data into the cloud. Also the size of your shares are limited only by how much storage you have attached to your devices.

    A quick example of a use case would be this. Say I go on vacation with 4 friends, we all had a great time, took pictures...etc and now we all want a copy of every picture taken by everyone.

    We set up a read/write key and share it amongst ourselves, we all add our pictures to the folder associated with the shared key and after some time has passed for syncing to occur, we all have a copy of every photo from the vacation.
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    I think this is quite awesome. Actually, I never tried Bittorrent Sync on my computer until just now, and it's awesome. I definitely see using this with friends and family. For example, I have several family members that we all share pictures with over Dropbox. It uses up space in all of our accounts and some of the accounts don't have as much storage space as mine. This will allow us to easily share everything just like Dropbox but without the limitations and need for cloud server storage. Back to the phone... I tried it out by syncing a video from my computer (didn't have to move the file into a special DropBox-like folder) to my phone. I realize I could have done this with iTunes, but it worked very well (used my local network for transferring) and I could play it easily with mobile VLC. I like it.
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    No but I bet 99.9% of the torrent files are illegal. Apple is just protecting their iTunes store. And so right.

    But if you really want to download content illegally you cant honestly expect them to make it that easy for you.
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    thanks for explaining. but arent others already offering this.
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    To my knowledge absolutely, the sole difference being with BTSync your data never lives or passes through a 3rd party's server.

    Also you aren't limited to 5GB or 25GB of storage or whatever cloud providers give away these days.
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    Awesome! no limit. gotta join it:D

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