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iPad mini Black anodized metal rubbing off.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by DerfBWH, Dec 6, 2012.

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    So I've got a launch day iPad mini wi-fi, really really happy with the device overall. Been a huge Apple fan and never really had a major issue with any of their products within their normal lifespan. However, I've noticed this strange issue with my iPad mini - the black anodized metal appears to be rubbing off.

    It's on the top left corner of the device, close to the headphone jack. Never seen this happen on any of my other Apple devices, especially not so early. The iPad has been totally babied and has never been dropped on anything other than a bed, and other than this there's not a scratch on it.

    Anybody have any advice? Honestly in the grand scheme of things this isn't a huge deal, but has anyone else noticed anything similar/is this a bigger problem, or am I a one off sort of case here?

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    You scratched it.
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    Yeah that looks like a chip missing more then a rub.
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    Next time don't drop your iPad Mini.

    Damage doesn't just mystically appear.
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    It looks more like you banged/dropped it. I'd recommend you put it in a case to protect the finish or use a product like Ghost Armor for the same effect.

    Bummers on it getting chipped though :(
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    Definitely a scratch. If it was rubbed off, the aluminum under would be completely smooth.

    Bummer though... I'm still waiting for my case to arrive... so far so good in protecting it. :p
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    Definitely not scratched. Feeling the device, it's perfectly smooth. If you close your eyes and rub your finger against the side of the device, you can't notice any change in texture. Not to mention I have not, as I've said before it, dropped it.
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    Well if its not dropped or scratched then take it back because that's not normal.
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    Anodization rubs off, normal wear. The number of anodized old cameras and tools I have seen with wear on the finish... I cant grasp why people are surprised
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    Because its a new iPad and new product finishes shouldn't so easily come off.
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    You chose to go naked, this is the risk you took.
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    Take a macro shot of the area, from that picture it looks scratched.
    If the annodizing was rubbed off from say a cloth or wooden table scruff, it should be perfectly smooth.

    I've had a bunch of paintball guns years back that were anodized and the only way they'd get scratched is if they knocked onto something. Any parts that were rubbed off (Say the trigger or inside the barrel) were always shiny.

    The anodizing on the iPad Mini is very thin so any hard bumps, even on wood could knock off the coating. If it got knocked off by wood, it might not even leave a scratch on the actual aluminum since it's softer, but only take off the coating.
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    Apple screwed up on this one...
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    The fanboys love these threads.
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    Around here then "choice of materials used" has now been deemed "user error" so unfortunately you're going to get a lot of backlash just for trying to discuss a legitimate subject.

    BTW, I use a protective film on the back of all 3 of our iPad Mini's (and two iPhone 5's) so I thought I was going to be protected from normal wear and tear but every single one of them has chipping of some sort on that exposed beveled edge. I don't usually mind imperfections like that but the way that silver underneath shines is going to absolutely murder resale value. It's too bad we aren't allowed to discuss this stuff in a non-hostile way because its a real issue that shouldn't be swept under the rug so easily.
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    Looks like a chip.
  17. urkel, Dec 9, 2012
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    We have 2 iPhone 5's and 3 iPad Mini's all black. I'm not sure how durable that back casing is since we're using invisible shields on the back of the 4 pictured the exposed edges are all flaking.

    Here's the honest truth about each one:
    - None have been dropped
    - Top (My iPhone 5) and bottom (Kids iPad Mini) are chipped paint. I say that because theyve been in a bumper and otter box from day 1.
    - Middle iPad Mini's (Mine/Wife) are abrasion marks. Never dropped but I guess thats our fault anyway since we didnt buy full cases
    - Not Pictures (Wifes iPhone 5). She uses a full case so her edges are decent but the problem is the back anodized aluminum showing discoloration/gouges from dust caught between case/phone.

    Im not complaining at all because i knew in advance that black would have issues quicker than white but it is disappointing that theyre all within 2mo old and look like theyve been beat up over an entire year. Hopefully next gen addresses some of these issues.

    Edit: Just for kicks, I added a pic of the 4 devices with all the "protection" on.

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    OMG, that's some pretty bad quality.
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    Actually, Im not sure how to judge the quality.

    I plug in blindly every night and there's constant metal on metal interaction betwen the device bottom and lightning cable yet if you look at the picture then there isnt one visible scratch. So what the heck is going on because it seems both indestructible and fragile at the same time.

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    Thanks for posting and shedding some light on that! Those devices look like they've gone through a couple of wars!

    I had my black iPad mini for a week before I decided to take it back due to the paint peeling off. Luckily this does not happen with the white iPad mini and white iPhone 5.
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    i really want a black mini, but worried about this paint issue.
    with that in mind none of the black ones in the apple store i was in had this problem, and surely theyre not replacing them daily?!
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    It's very well possible. In any case, buy the black one and try it out. I had it for a full 7 days before I noticed silver linings on the chamfered edges. And I babied it too. I never placed it a hard surface, never bumped it, nothing.

    I've had the white for 3 weeks now and it holds up extremely well. Dust and prints are hardly visible. I love the white version.
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    Didn't Phil the dil Schiller say that it's "normal"?
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    Normal for a car built in the Soviet Union.
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    Dude, those look like actual scratches like it was rubbed on concrete or something. I'd say you might not want to use those cases.

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