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Black MacBook for recording.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by PhaserFuzz, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Hello, I was wondering how well a BlackBook could handle recording tasks using the Logic software? I plan on getting a Firewire interface as well. Would latency be an issue with this setup? I'm gonna toss in 4 gigs of ram also.

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    I'm interested in this also, as I'm on the fence about a refurb 2.2 santa-rosa MBP or a refurb SR blackbook.

    I read some alarming things about the firewire chip used in recent apple laptops though :(
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    Boy, I don't know. I've got a mid-range white MacBook and even Garageband tests its limits. If I were you, I would go with the MBP.
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    I've been running...

    InDesign CS, GB, Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, Final Cut Pro HD, iMovie and iDVD on my MB 2.16 and I'll be doing the same on my MB 2.4 250GB starting this weekend. The key has been having an external HD to keep all my media/graphics projects off my MB. I'm also considering Aperture 2 and Final Cut Express in the very near future. :cool:
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    sounds like something is wrong because i can run garageband on a 1.33 powerbook no problem at all.
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    In terms of running Logic the Apple store has Logic installed on specific machines such as the Mac Pro, iMac and MBP. The Macbooks do not have any recording software on the except Garageband which does work well. I would look at the fact that since Logic is demo'd at the Apple store on only Macs with a dedicated GPU one would think it doesn't run well on a Macbook.

    Here are Logic's system requirements although I would recommend dropping by an Apple store and asking them.

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    Good to know...

    thanks HLdan! :cool:
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    Looking at that, a MacBook should have no problems at all. I doubt a graphics card makes a difference for recording. Thanks for help guys.
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    2.16 MPB with 2 gigs of ram. recording in Pro tools or logic, roughly 6-8 tracks at a time with no problems whatsoever.

    2.4 MB (black ;) ) 2 gigs of ram, same.... you shouldnt have any problems.. these programs have been around for a loooong loooong time. its just about having a system thats optimized, read the manuals, turn off the features they ask you to. turning off spotlight, dashboard, spaces and all that will help A lot.
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    yeah i'm the same I think it depends on amount of tracks and effects ect you have on but really I don't see any latency issues ect.i used to use it on a g4 powerbook with no problems at all.
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    Bumping cause this is what I'm trying to find out too...

    Does having only one firewire port cause problems when recording/using an external sound card?

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