Black or white iPod Nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by asherman13, Jun 30, 2006.


Black or White iPod Nano?

  1. Black iPod Nano

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  2. White iPod Nano

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    I'm considering a 1GB or 2GB iPod Nano. Which color do you guys recommend (for any reason, I really don't care. Color preference, scratch visability, whatever...) ?
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    Everything Apple sells is white/light aluminum (besides the MacBook), so it just "goes".
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    White definitely. Mainly because it looks nicer, imo, but it also has the advantage of showing less scratches.

    I did a white or black poll on color preference for iPods (wasn't limited to just the nano). Quite a few people talk about nano color preferences in it too, so you might find it interesting. Here's the link. :)
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    Get a black, because I got a black
    Seriously though, I think the black looks better, especially when it is off, the whole front looks very sleek. Also it matches my PSP and the fact that I am a Vader freak.
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    White 'goes' a lot more, and with Apple's current line-up, white seems to be the main focus.

    White is also better for not showing scratches, and residue on the wheel.

    Be sure to get a nice Agent 18 shield, though. Happy Nano-ing :)
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    Yeah, this is true. With the headphones being white, plus cables, the dock etc. They probably should couple the black iPods with black accessories, it would just look better.
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    Black is beautiful, but white is right:D This is NOT intended to be a racist comment
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    Same thing with the blackbook.
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    count chocula

    i have a black ipod and a white ipod nano, they both look great. you win with either one.
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    get white my brothers got a black 5th gen and its really scratched up white doesnt show scratches as much
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    i have a white iPod but i think i might get a black nano...i would recommend getting the film set thingys apple sells or the invisible shield for it
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    white is "girly" in my eyes

    Not to offend owners of white iPods...

    Black Nano
    Black Incase Neoprene cover
    Black Sennheiser PX 100s

    I get complimented on the look of this set up every other day. Very un-Ipod like, but waaay kewl (no, I'm not 12).

    For portable and computer applications that do not have a very powerful amp driving it, the Sennheiser PX 100s are my favorite headphones. Deeper bass, clearer treble, blows most buds & portable headphones away (excepting Etymotics... for short sessions and rapid movement, the Etymotics don't fit my needs... great sound, but kinda gross).
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    I definitely recommend that Invisible shield...I just got it for my 5G and love Im thinking of getting one for my nano. A bit expensive, but they do seem great. opinion is white for both reason discussed is genuine apple color, and it is less prone to showing scratches. However I do think black looks nice, but the scratches later in its life may make you regret your decisions.
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    Definately white. Not only it looks better (IMO), it also makes scratches much less visible. 2 in one! :D
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    Black nanos tend to show more scratching so I would go with white. They also look nicer IMO

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