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Black Screen of Death fixed yet?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Rooskibar03, Jun 27, 2008.

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    You all know it. Apple TV wakes up after a few days of no use and your greeted by a Black Screen with a Silver Apple.

    Any Fixes yet. Wife calls everytime giving me the "This POS isnt working again"
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    Nope, still happening here and to many others by the look of things.

    Making sure you turn it off/put it in to standby when finished seems to help things, but when the ATV turns itself on at random times, it just makes the situation worse!
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    Sure they did, it's called reboot.

    Just kidding:)

    My AppleTV freezes up often enough that I put a "Help Reboot" button on my Harmony remote. My wife can handle the reboot process on her own now.
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    How did you do that? That sounds like exactly what I need to do for my 890/ATV/wife!
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    I posted this a little while ago on another topic, here it is again...

    "I finally got around to trying out my idea about "learning" the reboot command from the AppleTV remote and IT WORKS. The dual button press (of - and Menu) actually sends a discrete IR code after holding for 6 seconds. I captured/learned this command w/ my harmony remote. I just pointed the AppleTV remote away from the harmony remote at first and then pointed it back at the learning port after a second, in time to capture the AppleTV reboot signal. It took two tries but I got it.

    I've tested it now and can do a one button reboot whenever needed from my harmony remote."
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    Now that there is a fine idea. Ill have to work that into my macro.


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