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Blair Ratings Plunge After Iraq Scientist Suicide

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Jul 22, 2003.

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    how is it possible to be at -17? do the brits use a different scale?

    [pretend idiocy]
    is it metric?
    [/pretend idiocy]
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    LOL, not even Gray Davis (Gov. Short-timer) has a -17!
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    Maybe an over/under 50% rating...?

    Oh, and calling a 2 term governor "short timer" is a little disingenuous...and premature. ;)

    The record for a CA Gov is 5 days. :eek:
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    Not really. He may win the recall, but it looks fairly certain to go forward.
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    Until he loses the recall election, calling him "short timer" is premature.
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    My personal problem with Blair is that, when pressed on his reasons for invading Iraq, he continually states that he took the action because, finally, it was his "passionate personal belief" that it was the right thing to do (with a quaver in the voice and an onion in the eye we have become accustomed to in the UK whenever he wants to appear sincere).
    What this actually means is his Christian morality.
    I have a problem with that. Surely the leader of a country should make serious decisions like this based on calm analysis and a careful weighing up of all the facts at his disposal, and this should not be prejudiced by "passionate personal beliefs".
    As far as I'm concerned he's finished. I reckon he'll resign before the next election at best, unless anything underhand is made to stick in the coming weeks about improper practice about the intelligence which he used to justify war, in which case he'll be forced to resign.
    Either way, good riddance!
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    I think the -17 is the difference between the percentage of people who think he's doing a good job and those that think he's a two-faced liar. So -17 would mean mostly the latter.
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    that sounds reasonable. thanks!
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    sounds like what molly ivins says about bush:

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