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Blender 2.27 - fully integrated 3D creation suite, offering ...

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by MacBytes, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Blender is actually a cool program. It's different than other 3D applications though, because it was built from hot keys, not vice-versa. So what that means is that it has a pretty high learning curve.

    What's cool though is that it has everything. A renderer, animator, modelor, you name it.

    The perfect companion tot his application is one that I have often mentioned here before: Wings 3D. In my opinion, the best modeler out there beside Mirai which you can not find anymore.

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    Mr. Anderson

    If you're in the market for a good, free 3D package, this isn't bad. But like you said, its got a high learning curve. Although, I've seen a couple good books on the software.

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    I think what's cool is that it's free !
    However, the UI seems very dubious to me, and the fact that even the best artwork in the blender galleries can only be rated 'average' when compared to work done in other packages. Now I know it is the artist, not the tool, but I still believe it is a rough indicator of the power/feature/ease of use of a program.

    Plus I don't know of anybody using blender commercially, so if you plan on doing 3D professionally, then chances are you will still have to get/learn another package.
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    Some games are made with blender, however I think most of the modern ones are made using MAYA (e.g. UT2003).
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    I think 3DSmax is still no1 for games, followed by Maya. Lightwave3D is catching up a bit...

    I don't know of any commercial game developed with blender...any links ?

    Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to use some free open source software, but I wonder how 'practical' it really is.

    BTW (sorry to get a bit off topic)
    P-Worm: have you used other 3D modelers than Wings 3D ? What makes it better the rest ? I tried it a while ago but could not really figure out what it was all about. Only running it for a couple of minutes, though. Just wondering if I should give it another chance ;)
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    I havre tried other open source modelors and Cinema 4D. I've played with Maya and LightWave also and I just love the way that Wings 3D works. Unlike the other programs, it is more like sculpting than puting shapes together. You can make almost anything out of a cube. It is kind of like the iMovie of modelers because there are very few commands (not overwhelming) and they can do what you need to do.

    Of course, I'm a video guy, not a 3D guy, so my opinion might mean squat.


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