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Blimey movie rentals are expensive

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tonyoevans, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Just got the apple TV (UK), works great but my thoughts of renting lots of movies has been put off by the price of £4.49.

    OK for the occoasional watch but too high for common use.

    What is the cheapest option for streaming movies in the UK? I know Sony are going to launch their service in the Autum, hope its cheaper than Apple.

    Aside from the cost of the movies, I have been impressed with the Applle TV especially when it is controlled from the the remote app on the iPad, can't wait until Nov when iOS 4.2 comes out with AirPlay for video.
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    Setup a US iTunes account and get movies for $4.99 (£3.10).
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    HD rentals in Australia are $7

    Tv Shows we can't rent.

    iTunes store is only good in the US

    With **** store elsewhere and no netflix the Apple TV loses a lot of its value.
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    Good idea about the US account. Guess I would need to buy vouchers as I remember someone saying that if you try to pay using a UK bank card it identifies that you are outside the US.

    How do you guys get the credit?

    If I do setup a US account, will that affect home sharing as I have to put in my UK account details due to the music I have bought of the UK store.
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    I just set up an itunes account with the apple store in NY as the address, I then just buy US itunes cards from ebay think the last $100 card I bought was £65 so with the current excange rate you only loose out on a couple of £.

    No idea on the music playback, non of my music is itunes protected.

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