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Bloomberg: iPad Mini Coming in October [Updated]

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Just hours after our latest summary of reports on the potential for an "iPad mini" coming later this year, Bloomberg weighs in with its own claims that Apple will be looking to introduce the device in October for availability before the end of the year.
    Specifically, the report claims that the iPad will "have the same number of pixels as those in the iPad before it was upgraded to the so-called Retina Display earlier this year", giving the device a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Using the same resolution as on the larger iPad will minimize fragmentation for developers who already need to target their apps for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch sizes, but the higher pixel density will mean that iPad content will appear smaller than on the full-size iPad.

    Mockup of 7.85-inch iPad next to an iPad 2 (courtesy of CiccareseDesign)
    The report also indicates that Apple has been mulling the idea of a smaller iPad since the launch of the original model, even as Steve Jobs was panning 7-inch tablets being brought to the market by Apple's competitors. But with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's forthcoming Nexus 7 at least generating interest at a much lower $199 price point, Apple may now feel that the time is right to release a smaller, less expensive iPad that can help cement its dominant position in the tablet market.

    While talk of an iPad mini has been circulating for quite some time with increasing rumors pointing to a launch later this year, Bloomberg is now the second mainstream publication to lend its weight to the claims. The Wall Street Journal reported back in February that Apple was testing such a device and qualifying suppliers, but acknowledged that Apple routinely tests products that are never released to the public.

    Update: The Wall Street Journal has added its own claim that Apple's component suppliers are ramping toward mass production of a smaller iPad beginning in September.

    Article Link: Bloomberg: iPad Mini Coming in October [Updated]
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    Here it goes again
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    Can we please stop using that "mockup" every time this story comes around? It doesn't do anything to help people perceive a size difference.
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    What will happen to the iPod Touch? And the price point?
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    I wonder how much it'll cost since the cheapest iPad for sale is $399 USD and I think the most expensive iPod Touch is $399 USD.
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    So did Google copy this for the Google Nexus 7 ? ;)
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    Pleaes just stick to the 9"+ size factor.

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    Why do you say that ?
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    I bet it'll have a 16GB capacity only and it'll cost $399, replacing the iPad 2. You can choose white or black.
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    Still don't buy it. And not just because Steve said never ever ever and listed all the reasons they were terrible.

    But then again, like the rumors that Apple was going to release a phone or the rumors that Apple was going to release a tablet, this rumor never seems to completely go away. Just like that Apple TV rumor.
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    I'd see it priced at 299$, being an entry model under the iPad 2. The iPod Touch would still be sold as the smaller form factor becomes a feature (portability) and warrants the pricing.
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    Seriously? I'm so sick of seeing these rumors.
    It's total bs, and isn't happening. But no, let the analysts keep making predictions.
    When it doesn't happen, they'll simply say "Well, we were wrong about the timeframe, but it's coming eventually!"
    [aneurism] [end rant]
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    Pretty much confirmed now. $199 or $249. I'm thinking $249 with the iPad 2 at $399, iPad 3 at $499.
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    It's coming folks.

    If you don't want it, don't buy it.

    There will be millions though, like myself, that do want this size and form factor.
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    I'm betting millions more will get it because it will be priced cheaper than a 9.7" iPad. ;)
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    So it is basically a big iPod touch?
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    Well that also. =)

    Only thing I don't buy is the screen...I do not see how Apple will have a Retina iPhone, and Retina iPad but not a Retina iPad Touch or whatever its called.

    Here's a question, if it's using the same number of pixels as the iPad 2 but in a smaller screen size, wouldn't it appear crisper?
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    Here we go again :rolleyes:
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    Here we go again with this nonsense...:rolleyes:
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    The Touch is a wimpy thang.
    GPS and celular data should be a mandatory part of portability.
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    The 7 inch form factor is more suitable for reading, it's just so much lighter. The Nexus 7 is only 340g which is a really good weight.
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    Don't buy it, even if it is posted by Bloomberg. It would fragment apps even more, and Apple can already command the lower end tablet market with the iPad 2, which still sells very well.
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    Those who doubted and regularly criticized Digitimes over the past year, please step up and announce your apology.


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    Where are the iPhone rumors?

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