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Blu-Ray Rips and HD logo on ATV3

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jetmaster114, Sep 26, 2013.

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    When I purchase an HD movie from iTunes and download it to my iMac iTunes library it appears on my ATV3 under COMPUTERS/MOVIES with an "HD" logo to the right of the title.

    But, when I rip a Blu-Ray movie with Handbrake, while the resulting movie is HD and does appear in the ATV list of movies on my computer it does NOT have the "HD" logo. Anyone know why not, or how to get it there?


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    Movies purchased from iTunes are DRM protected and cannot be ripped or converted.
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    I believe you have to tag it with a program like Subler, MetaX or Z depends what OS your on.
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    BlueRoom....I'm not trying to rip or convert an iTunes purchased movie. Rather I am trying to get the HD logo for Blu-Ray discs that I have puchased and ripped.

    Jaysue....I will check on meta X and see if there is a place to do that. thanks.
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    I highly recommend Identify 2 (http://identify2.arrmihardies.com/) it will tag the ripped movies, with cover art, the HD tags, and all of the movie information including actors director and genre. An incredible program for the OCD rippers out there.
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    ^^^ identify is an excellent program.
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    X3!!! I use Identify on ALL my stuff, both TV shows and movies. It automatically adds the HD tag. You also can choose amongst several different cover art options for each item as well.
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    Identify worked great. Thank you all.
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    What I like about the latest version of Subler is (apart being freeware), that it can fetch metadata directly from iTunes Store. So for the movies listed in iTunes, you will get the same metadata and cover art, as if you'd purchased it from there. Even the copyright string is set correctly :D
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    When I tried the new version of Subler in the last week it takes a lot longer to save the new file after I am done tagging compared to Meta X or Identify 2. That normal experience for people using Subler?

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