Blue and White Power Mac G3 Boot issue

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by andylenny, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I just got given a Power Mac G3 without a hard drive. I put in a 30GB Maxtor HDD, set the jumper to MASTER and connected it to the Ultra IDE port. Everything else inside it is stock (I think). I've check the CD Drive - it has the Apple logo etc.

    When I boot the machine, I see a smiley face inside a folder that changes in to a question mark after about a second, and then back to the smiley face - this loops indefinitely.

    The only install disc I have at the moment is an official OS 10.4... When I put this in and hold C, nothing happens. I've ordered 10.1 in the hope that this will work..

    If I hold Option + CMD + P + R, I can successfully clear the PRAM, which I have tried many times, but nothing has changed in terms of how far I get on boot up.

    I've moved the RAM stick to a different slot - no effect.
    I've unplugged the firewire module - no effect.

    I've unplugged the HDD to try and get the CD to boot on its own - it doesn't.

    I can enter recovery mode by holding down the programmers button at the front.. but I'm not sure what commands I can put in to boot from CD.

    I also have a MacBook Pro - is it possible to connect my 30GB HDD to my MBP, install OS 10 on to it and then plug it in to the G3?

    I'd really like to get this G3 working - it's such an antique- it would look so cool as a little media server!

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    10.4 is on dvd format. Did you replace the stock cd-rom with a dvd rom?
    If not, it's not going to read the tiger disk.
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    Boy do I feel stupid.

    Thanks raziel777. I'll wait for my 10.1 CD to arrive :F
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    You may also want to try firewire target disking your G3 tower into your Macbook Pro. Then pop in the install DVD, restart your MBP before it has a chance to think, and see if will let you install Tiger onto the 30GB hard drive in the G3. There may be an Intel vs. PowerPC issue, but if you had another PowerPC Mac I guarantee you could install Tiger on your firewired G3 tower through it.
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    thanks quantum003. Unfortunately I haven't got a firewire drive - I have a USB/IDE converter, but this didn't work :(

    I put in an original Mac OS 9 CD, but I get sent to some weird firmware loader. I typed "mac-boot" and pressed return, and saw the attached screen. I looked up this weird code on the apple site and it means "no-boot".. whatever that means??

    I attached a buzzer to the PRAM battery to see if it had any power, and it sounded violently.

    I've reset the PRAM as I mentioned before..

    I'd really love to get this working - I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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    you just need a valid startup disk. since you don't have one, i dont know what else you're asking for here. pram has nothing to do with anything.
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    errr, I guess you didn't read my post. I said I have an "original" i.e. official, valid, authentic OS 9 CD...
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    You don't need a firewire drive... just a firewire cable that will connect your G3 to your MBP. Once connected start your G3 while holding down "T"... your G3's hard drive will appear on the desktop of your MBP. Restart your MBP and boot from the install DVD you have... then choose the G3's HD to install 10.4 onto. Make sure you format the drive to Apple Partition for PowerPC startup instead of GUID for Intel startup.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions.
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    Thanks quantum003 :)

    I will get a firewire cable and try this and let you know!
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    Heh.. I think it's broken. cable connected, turned on target G3 and held T, nothing happened :(
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    your computer can't do Target Disk mode. that started with the Sawtooth G4.
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    So I guess this G3 should be going in the bin then?
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    Problem resolved - it was a bad stick of ram. Replaced it with standard PC133 SDRAM and it booted fine :)

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