Blue backlights on iPods?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacBoyX, Jun 19, 2003.

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    Hi All,

    I was going thru some of my old Apple Ads going to post some on my site and I came across the original iPod intro wit Seal and Moby and Johnathan Ive and low and behold when they showed the back was BLUE! Just like in the new ads, now I am on my third iPod (kept outgrowing them), I have a 1G 5gb, 2G 10gb and now have a 3G 15gb and guess what none of them have the blue backlight. It must totally be a demo only thing.

    I've attached a still capture of the 1G iPod with a blue back light...

    What do you all think?

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    This had been through the forums already.

    The original thread can be found here.

    It was thought to be the iPod introduction video or the angle that the iPod was recorded by the camera.
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    Ahh, of this I am aware but I was saying that I found that in the ORIGINAL 1G iPod introduction video. Seems like Apple's been doing it all along.
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    It's not a blue LCD.

    I got a new 30 gig and under certain light conditions it IS blue.
    With lots of light on it it isn't.

    I can't imagine they have multiple versions.
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    In the latest australian personal computer, they have a review on the 30GB iPod and say it has a blue backlight
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    I have a 30GB infront of me right now that I got from apple last week and it has a white backlight. It looks light blue under certain light conditions like flourscent lighting, but for the most part it is white especially in the dark. On a side not I am noticing that I maybe didn't need 30GBs, lets just say I put milli vanilli on it last night for kicks :p

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    I hear you on this one. I started with a 5gb, and filled it up went to a 2G 10GB and almost filled it up, sold that one and went to a 15GB 3G, and I am just sticking stupid stuff on it just to fill it up...right now i have 2450 tunes for a total of 10.2GB of music!

    I think I have reached critical mass!


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