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Blue Screen at startup

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Ikstej24, Dec 17, 2004.

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    I recently installed a new graphics card in my digital audio G4. When I start up the computer it starts up normally until after the grey screen with the apple and spinning square and goes to a blue screen with the mouse pointer and the mouse pointer moves when I move the mouse. When I start up in safe mode by holding down shift at startup, everything starts up correctly and works fine, but noteverything is running b/c the extensions are not running. I have a feeling this is just a problem with the drivers or something simple like that at startup that is hanging the system. If anyone has run into this problem before and knows how to fix it, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are we talking about OS 9 or X
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    The Radeon 9700 is very power hungry, and I've heard that Digital Audios (~250W PSU) having problems supplying enuff powers. Newer PowerMac G4s (QS and MDD) has ~350W PSU.

    I'm not sure, but it could be the problem
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    I am running OS X 10.3.7...and I would understand the power situation, but it runs great under safe mode with no problems..so wouldn't it show the same problems under safe mode if it was a power issue?
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    It's the blue screen of death. (sorry, couldn't resist, please don't flame me, I'm only joking, I didn't mean it, I love macs, I own macs, I try to get my friends to buy them, etc., etc.,)
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    did anyone ever see that applesucks.com parody of the Apple BSoD ad with that tard "Patrick" on it?

    That thing cracked me up. Apple tried to sue them...for a parody. Apparently they think we don't live in America, where parodies are legal.
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    10.3.7? Where did you get the 'unreleased' OS? 10.3.6 is the most recent release. 'Safe mode'? Are we talking about a Mac here?

    Oops, just checked Software Update, my error, 10.3.7 did just get released.
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    10.3.7 was just released and safe mode is done by holding down shift after the startup sound and then releasing it when the wheel starts spinning....it turns off the extensions
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    I was wondering if there was anyway to uninstall all the ati related drivers and software and do a clean install of all of what I need...ATI says that there is an uninstaller on their CD but I don't see one...any other thoughts on this subject would be a lot of help
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    for the record, Digital Audio G4's have 338W power supplies.

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