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Bluetooth iPod...hopefully!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Rajj, Oct 17, 2002.

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    There are no photos yet..but afterdawn.com has reported that Toshiba will release a5GB Bluetooth HDD ideally for PDA's, but that dosen't that the iPod should be left out... because it sports the same drive from Toshiba!!!

    Even thou it states that "Toshiba doesn't have currently plans to sell the drive outside Japan" doesn't mean that we can't have hope!!;)
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    that would be a step backwards because of the slow transfer speeds of bluetooth.
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    Re: Bluetooth iPod...hopefully!!!

    this would be the most useless device ever. Think abuot it. bluetooth has a range that would require the iPod to be in the room with your computer. So you don't relaly gain any convienence. And you'll ahve to be there for hours to transfer the songs. bluetooth runs at 1 mbps. usb runs at 11 mbps. so bluetooth is 11 times slower than usb, whcih already takes hours to transfer all the songs, and 400 times sloer then firewire. Meanwhile, you could simply plug it in since you're next to the computer anyway, andhave it all done in minutes.

    Bluetooth offers no convienence, is way too slow. Whats the point, there isn't one. Its not like their going to get it streaming music to other devices through bluetooth either. They'd be better off putting in a small radio transmitter of some sort so it can be played through a stereo that way wirelessly. Bluetooth is a technology that has limited applications.
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    Not really...because earlier in the month I posted a similar thread....stating that it would be cool if we had an iPod with bluetooth built in for wireless head sets and remote.....so the whole point of this thread is that the tecnology to make this happend is coming :D :p
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    that idea however, has nothing to do with bluetooth enabling the hard drive. and I still wonder if using radio transmission might be a better alternative for such things (I have no idea). Maybe the remote would be coolas a bluetooth device.

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