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Bluetooth Mice: Logitech or Microsoft ?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Tomaz, May 28, 2004.

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    I'm thinking about buying a bluetooth mouse. The only real options seem to be the one from Microsoft and the MX900 from Logitech. Now I have a basic question about bluetooth mice. The cradle is only needed to charge the mouse. I can take a fully charged mouse on a daytrip with my PB without the cradle and the mouse works fine. Please tell me if I'm wrong.
    Which mouse (MS, Logi) is better with Osx ? Any known persistent problems (like the disconnect problem)? Is it possible to assign buttons using 3rd party software on both these mice?
    Lots of questions...but thanks for your help!!!

    Edit: One more question: How quick is the reactivity of the mouse, when you haven't used it for 10min. Does it react instantly, or does it take a few second till it responds (how many seconds? 2...10)
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    you have ruled out the apple wireless bt mouse? that thing has really precise movement...
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    I've just bought the Logitech a couple of days ago. for me the dealbreaker was that the price difference was 8$ (in Denmark, and logitech being the more expencive one). I was a bit sceptic about all those buttons, but I've gotten a use to them(haven't installed correct drivers, just "plugged" it in). and it feels good in your hand as well.
    I've only recharged it the first time so fare, and it's been sitting on my desk, without use of the cradle for 4 days, and it's only used 10% of it's power.

    Haven't tried the Microsoft, but I am actually going to be working with one the next couple of days, so if you want, I can give you an update after the weekend.

    And in regards to response time, it only takes 0.5 secs. for it to react(if as much), so it's not annoying.

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    I'm coming from the windows world.
    One button? Come on !!
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    I would really appreciate that!!
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    i switched on july 2002, so even i haven't born with a single-button mouse in hand. plus all my friends that have switced and initially used a two-button mouse have abandoned those in favor of one-button mouse.

    you have always the control-click, and the control button is where your left index finger lies anyway.

    have you even tried? :)
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    Nope...I just can't imagine that it works well. I have to admit that the right button in Osx is quite useless (atleast in the finder). I'm really missing comands like "cut" and "paste" in the rightclick menu, so for that I can imagine that just one button is enough. But in Safari, the rightclick gives you commands like "open in new tab/window" and "save as" or "add to bookmarks". That's just soo much more convenient than using the menu or pressing ctrl-click.....

    And the feature I would miss the most is the scrollwheel !!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
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    well, you are entitled to your opinion :) i must however say that in our office few guys have been forced to get sick leave because their arms hurt for excess scrollwheel use. and when there are several people sharing one room, sometimes all you can hear is the scrollwheel sound and as you watch what people do, they cannot take advantage of the wheel anymore. now people are kind of addicted into using the wheel that they forget that sometimes it's way faster to just grab a scrollbar and drag it down. really, people forget that, they begin to think the scrollwheel is the only way to scroll, and imagine scolling a really long document down with just a scroll wheel.

    it's reality, to my amazement. scroll wheel has done people stupider.
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    Has anyone tried the new Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0? The one with the tilting scrollwheel? I'm thinking of getting that but I don't want to dish out 40 dollars for a product I don't know anything about.

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