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Bluetooth PAN + AIR = :-(

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by dyerucf, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I cant see to get my Treo750 (Cingular WM6) phone to pair to the macbook air. It never was an issue with my macbook before it and I really liked the ability to tether it. Any help would be great.

    It gets the the point where I am supposed to put the password in on the phone that the AIR supplies and when I hit enter it says that it failed. EVERY TIME, and I have tried like 20 times so far
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    Try doing it from the Phone..Meaning have the phone search for bluetooth devices instead of the air searching for bluetooth device.
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    Do I need to do anything to prep the air for the incoming connection?
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    there is a way around it my last macbook hated my phone and went the back way to connect it, from bluetooth i think.....
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    You gonna leave me hanging like that? There is a way................. :) Any help would be great, let me know if you find anything.
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    Make sure bluetooth is discoverable.
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    Not sure if this will help but I was going through problems with my WM6 Wizard after upgrading to leopard. I use Missing Sync and the solution for my problem was to go into system preferences, bluetooth, click advanced, and change the serial port for bluetooth-pda-sync from 'modem' to 'rs-232'. I always search for the computer from the phone as well.
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    Well I think I have gotten it to pair, I used Generic Bluetooth as the driver. It is asking for a Phone number, username and password. If memory serves me right its WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM password: CINGULAR1, but whats the phone number?
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    With those settings and no phone number, I started ICS on the Treo, Used AT&T As the network connection, though it does seem to be extremely slow, isn't this supposed to be HSDPA?
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    the problem

    The problem seems to be EXTREME latency, so bad that most of the time sites are timing out. Last time I thought I used some special drivers or something for this
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    ping times to google.com

    The ping time is 3000ms-15000ms while connected... Any ideas?

    I was reading something about checking TCP Header compression, but I cant seem to find that setting any where. The instructions where written for 10.4, I have 10.5 Any help?
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    All Of This Is Bluetooth Pan

    This is Bluetooth PAN
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    Spoke to the West Coast

    just spoke to MazingerZ on the phone and he is having the same issue... .The ping times are <200ms when there is no demand on the connection, once you try to even load google or macrumors, ping times rise to >15000ms. He was having the same issue on the west coast. Any one have any ideas?
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    I might be getting my BT technologies messed up but is PAN the one where you can just join the cell phone bluetooth network directly without dialing up? Or is it the one where you have to input a login, password, etc. and mess with the Bluetooth modem settings.
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    Yes, PAN is bluetooth and does nto require login information, DUN requires login information, though with windows mobile 6 (treo 750) the only option is PAN
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    I can confirm this same issue with a new Penryn-based MacBook Pro -- they also have the Broadcom Bluetooth chip.

    With multiple phones from multiple vendors, I get extreme, up to 15000ms round-trip latency on Bluetooth PAN connections.

    Bluetooth PAN on the same phones works perfectly with other Macs.
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    I get the same. At times the ping response time drops to quite acceptable speeds, but that is usually only for aout a minute, after which speed goes back to about 15,000ms for another 10minutes. Very frustrating and totally unusable.
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    Its an issue with the broadcom chipset, apple knows but doesn't seem to care really. Sucks, but thats what seems to be happening here. Just curious, what phone and network are you using?

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    Has anyone tried after the new BT firmware update?
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    LOL, this is funny. When I removed tethering from my rate plan it some how screwed up my account and I have lost all web browsing ability on my phone. So I am no longer a candidate to test this today.

    Let me know people please, I will put back tethering in a heartbeat!
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    Will test it out.
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    Alright I tested it. Found no difference from before so still the same issue with lag.
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    Im am having the same issue on the new MBP was working well on my old iBook, very frustrating!
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    Had an old bluetooth dongle in the draw so plugged that in, low and behold it works perfectly. Back to full speed no waiting. Rang Apple they had me reset the computer (take out battery and power cable, hold power button down for 5 seconds, put battery and power back and restart) no change. Then re-set the P-ram no change, had to go before I had the chance to re-set the P-ram.
    Still need to call them back to see what to try next.

    But the dongle works with the software in MBP.

    Looks to be the hardware?
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    Any progress with this with the latest update?

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