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bluetooth phones

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by budaapple, Jul 13, 2004.

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    I want to get a bluetooth phone. What is everybody using? And how has everyones experience been running it as a modem on their PB.
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    My T610 works great. The only complaint is that the Calendar doesn't support All-Day events. As for the modem, it works fine although don't expect any great speeds. It is good for checking email and light surfing when in a pinch, but is not a good substitite for even a good dial-up connection. Oh yeah, T-Mobile gives you the WAP access (which is used to connect to the internet) for free, at least for now anyway (but a lot of ports are blocked--https for example).
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    I use a Nokia 3650 with T-Mobile. The BT stuff works great with the Mac, but I completely agree with kgarner: while you can connect to the internet and surf, get mail, etc., it is slow (max speed I've seen is 27kpbs, but average is well below 20kbps). Also, you get disconnected a lot (I've surfed for over 30 minutes, but also been cut off in less than one). This is due to T-Mobile, not the phones or the Mac.
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    I use a SE k700i and I have no problems whatsoever.
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    SE z600 here, worked flawless out of the box (iSync, BT file transfer, Salling Clicker). I don't use it to connect my Powerbook to the internet though.
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    From my experience the 3650(owned 8 of them) is the slowest phone when used to browse over GPRS,the SE T6xx and Px00's are much faster.
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    whatever is supported by isync and salling clicker is fine with me :) currently using a t68i

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