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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by robotrenegade, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Is there any out there? :confused:
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    Are there any out there?
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    Not that I am aware of. Can bluetooth even handle that type of connection?
    Are you trying to set up a scanner that is away from you computer or one scanner multiple computers?
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    bluetooth has virtually no bandwidth behind it, less than USB 1.1
    because of this you'll only see palm pilots keyboards mice cell phones etc using bluetooh to connect since they don't need much bandwidth

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    Bluetooth doesn't have nearly the bandwidth needed to handle the transfer of large image files that a scanner would require. You'd probably have better luck finding a WI-FI scanner.

    Or, get an airport base station and plug the scanner into the USB port. :D
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    i'd never even want to try a bluetooth scanner as the usb is really the minimum, bandwidth-wise. there are firewire models also. i think wlan scanner would be acceptable when the connection is good - after all the b-spec theoretically equals usb1 - but i'd expect less than half (of the usb1) throughput, which is important.

    so no, don't dream of bluetooth scanners (or printers for the same reason) that would be fast enough.
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    HP has been selling bluetooth-equipped printers for quite a while now.
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    yep, but not FAST ENOUGH as i was stating. now that we've got used to usb speed, who wants to go back to parallel speed and worse?
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    Is there a way to set up a scanner using rendezvous?
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    networkable scanners, interesting idea :)
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    Just for the record, Bluetooth's maximum theorectical speed is 1mbps. USB 1.1 is 12, USB 2.0 is 480, Firewire 400 is 400 (obviously). Bluetooth is best suited for keyboards, mice, cell phones, pdas, headsets, and joysticks.
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    What happens when two people try to scan at the same time?
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    One of them beats the other with a stick and takes the scanner, and possibly his/her lunch money. It said so right on page 6 of my network scanner manual. :D

    Is it really possible to plug a scanner into the USB port on the AEBS and run it wirelessly? Also, a question the Apple salespeople weren't sure of...what happens if you plug a USB hub into that same port on the AEBS?

    Oh, and if there are bluetooth printers, why can't there be BT scanners? This would seem to argue against the bandwidth logic....
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    Printing and scanning take very different loads. It would be possible to have a BT scanner, but you would be waiting way too long.
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    Ways to make a printer use BT

    Here are some neat adaptors for printers --> BT

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    Hmmm...Okay. Printing load is low b/c text and vector graphics are sent as commands instead of dots, right? :( But it could probably still be done if there was a scanner which compressed the image before sending it to the PC. Granted that scanners seem to be designed for $99 w/ $99 rebate deals, but adding the tech complexity equivalent of a flash MP3 player would probably be enough to make the signal manageable. Sending JPG pictures of 100-200kb via BT is definitely more or less acceptable in exchange for not having to plug in.

    But I do see your point.

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