Bluetooth Speakers?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by The Black Rock, Feb 24, 2005.

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    I posted this on the forums, but no one there seemed to be able to answer the question.

    "Are there any Bluetooth Speakers?" I'd like to just put them on the desk and not have to attach any wires any where.

    I've found some that are attached to some clock-radio thing. It was a product rom China, a clock-radio I think.

    Does anyone know anymore?
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    If I had to take an educated guess I'd say no. Bluetooth 2.0 is only capable of transmitting something like 3mbps (so Bluetooth 1[?] will be even less powerful), which is insufficient for carrying an audio signal. As well as that, a digital audio signal must be amplified and converted into an analog signal before being sent to speakers, which means that if there was some kind of wireless speaker system, they'd have to have a built in amplifier and D/A Convertor.

    Then again, I could be wrong, I've never really looked into it.

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    I would imagine there is at least some decrease in audio quality, though I don't know anything about it... other than Bluetooth 1.1 was only for voice because it couldn't handle anything else.
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    my only suggestion would be something like i had to do at work... i hated having wires running all acorss my desk while i was having to work, so what i did was drill a small hole under the speaker and feed the wire through that... then i duck taped those wires to the bottom of the desk and fed them to the back of my computer... it seems to be working great for me and the speakers look seamless. The only problem is that i can't move them... but that doesn't matter, because i'm limited to desk space and can't move things into another confituration anyway...
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    Hi again,
    The D-Link DSM-920BT is only capable of streaming up to 723kbps of digital audio. I would guess that this means it's useless for streaming anything more complex than MP3. Wi-Fi would be a much better protocal for wireless audio, but I'm unaware of any Wi-Fi alternatives to the DSM-920BT.

    The other issue with the DSM-920BT is that it needs to be connected to either an amplifier or active speakers. The problem with that is that it totally defeats the purpose because active speakers need a power supply, which means either cables or batteries, and I'm yet to see a decent pair of battery powered speakers.

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    I thought that with the advent of BT 2.0 we'd be able to have (theoretcial) transfers of 3000kbps, so 723 kbps would be trivial. Also CD's are at 1,411 kbps so does that mean that there would (potentially) be no problem with that?

    I'd love to be able to just get some BT speakers, have the computer recognize them, and then put them anywhere around the room. I really, really hate cords, and the idea of taking up yet another jack on my computer.

    The idea above with the hole-drilling, sounds good for just losing the appearance of wires; but it's a little too much, and eliminates my ability to move things off my desk.
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    Could a bluetooth mobile phone headset work as headphones through computer bluetooth?
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    yes, but the quality sucks. they weren't designed for music.
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    Well, if your real goal is to get rid of wires, they're going to have to be battery operated! *No* speakers, now or ever, are likely to received amped signals wirelessly.

    Have you looked at something like the Airport Express that could stream to your stereo system?
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    I'm fine with battery operated or optional tethers, or ac powered or whatever.

    I have looked at the airport express, but it's not adequate for my needs. I would have to buy the airport extreme base station first, and then buy the airport express as my DSL cables can't reach the room I'm putting the iMac in. Unless I were to buy 2 expresses, but I just find that excessive. Especially when I've come up with a solution that in a reasonable market shouldn't cost more than $70.00.

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