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Bluewater - Kent - United Kingdom

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by LewisFielder, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Any one gonna be there?
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    I'll be there, hoping from about 7 onwards. What time are other people arriving?
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    I'll be around 7 maybe earlier. I'll be own my own ftw! Was you at launch last year?
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    No stuck with my trusty 3G. First time I ever queued was for the iPad, were you there? I'll be on my own too. :)
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    No I wasn't, got mine elsewhere. Is 7 a good time to get there + do you have twitter or an email to contact you more easily?
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    I'm getting there for 6!

    Sorry forgot to edit post mods, please merge
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    Hey do you guys just line up outside the store?
    what time do most people get there?
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    Hey mate,

    This is my first launch but the apple store guys tell me that at half 6 at the iPad launch the line was down to the o2 shop. So were thinking that + double because of the iPhone 4.

    I'm getting there for 5 to half 5 in the morning. How old are ya?
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    Hi there :)
    yer same its my first launch too.
    im 16 but im on study leave so i have all day to wait but hopefully being early will mean i wont :p i havent decided what time im going to turn up yet but it will definatly be before 6.30 :D
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    I'm 15, Lewis as you know haha. I'd get there like around 5. Might see you around u got twitter?
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    Cool im Jack . sorry dont have twitter.
    Im going to give the store a ring tomorrow to try and find out how much stock there going to have. I take it by going in early you didnt reserve?
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    No I reserved, went to bluewater today, and they said they won't know how much stock they will have until the day and they took over 700 reservations, thats why I'm going so early! And the queues will be huge! For the iPad like I said it was up to the o2 shop and they only took like 300 reservations and that was at half 6!
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    I mite be in a different line then i didn't reserve Im hoping for extra stock! did you reserve today?
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    Jack I'd suggest if you havnt reserved you get there early as possible like, 4-5 am you wanna be ine if the first in the store. If they get say 100 iPhones and there's 96 reservations for example there will only be 4 walk in iPhones for you guys to buy. I reserved mine at 4.02pm after school on my 3GS on the 15th of June :)
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    I didn't know that the reserve thing was only for the 15th :(
    But i think there is going to be two lines one for reserved and one for walk-ins. but i need to phone apple to make sure its right. But hopefully with the reservations they will order 100 iphones or what ever extra.
    I think that i will probaly turn up around 6 or maybe 5.30.
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    Yeah well they took over 700 reservations for bluewater. It's gonna be mayhem. I'm defaintly gonna be there at half 5 probably earlier. Gonna be so many people!
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    How do you know they took over 700 reservations ?
    do you know anything about them having two lines?
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    Went into the store today. To check my name was on the reservation list. And the she said it. I'm not sure about the two lines, they might do but as I said get there as early as yuh can!
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    :eek: kk
    i will ring them tomorrow . and i will post anything new. and if not i might see you on the 24th.
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    Defaintly, I'll be the one going around with a camera, taking pictures and blogging haha. www.razorianfly.com
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    Just phoned Bluewater apple store and there are going to be two lines one for walkins and another for reserved. Also They will reserve some iphones for walkins so if i get there early there is a chance i can get one :D
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    Awesome, fingers crossed!
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    r u liking the new iso4 software?
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    Sold my 3GS I got my limbo moterola razor. But I had the gm candidate so I like it yeah.
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    Well there was nobody waiting outside already at 5.30 this evening. I overheard one of the store guys saying there would be two queues, one for pre-orders etc, but I cant see how people pre-ordered when the store only gives you the option for home delivery, or have I missed something?

    Anyways, I'll probably be turning up about 6am. If there's a big queue then, I'm going back home to bed :)

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