Bluray subtitles added to handbrake nightly build.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Richdmoore, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I saw that the latest handbrake nightly build adds support to burn in bluray subtitles. That is a great feature for those of us who want convert bluray video for use with apple tv & iPads.

    Revision: 4605
    PGS (bluray) subtitle support \o/

    Thanks to patches supplied by David Mitchell and Rob McMullen
    we finally have PGS support.

    I added a fix for libav pgs timestamp processing and
    detection of forced subtitles to their work, then
    made foreign audio search work with PGS subs. (detail/Trac)
    LinGui: allow the user to select and use a bitrate for audio autopassthru
    If the fallback encoder is used, the user should be able to set the
    bitrate that is used. (detail/Trac)
    Remove Lucid builds.* Add Pangolin. (detail/Trac)
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    Yep, just tried it, works perfectly, although the gui lists the PGS subs as unknown, so you'll still need to check which track you want in a player.
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    I'm sorry to be "that guy", but how do I download the latest nightly of HB? I see all the patched files on that list, but I don't see a link to DL a Mac binary. I'm sorry.
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    Thank you!
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    Let us know how it goes :)
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    burned or soft ?

    PGS subtitles will get burned ones or soft ones once handbrake finished its job ?

    Thanks for any answer.

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    Depends, if you're converting to mv4 for playback on the ATV then they'll need to be burned-in as the ATV dosen't support image based subs like PGS. If however you're converting to mkv for use in XBMC then either burned-in or soft subs will work.
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    Can anyone who has done this post a brief explanation of the process.

    (FYI, I encode for ATV use)
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    Although I have not actually had to use it yet, my understanding is that you just need to select the "Foreign Audio Search" under "Track" on the subtitle tab in HB. It will scan for forced subtitles and burn them in if it finds them. Well, thats for an mp4 anyway.
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    Be aware that as of today , that macgui for hb does not properly turn off or check the boxes for subs when doing pgs particularly mp4.

    For instance, it will allow you to not check burn in which means it will fail. If its a pgs source sub then mp4 burn in must be checked (since pgs is not subs do not pass through for mp4 like they do for mkv) so as of right now thats up to the user to do that.

    In short: for a PGS sub encoding to mp4 *make sure* you check burned in.
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    I just tried it as well. I saw the same "unknowns" in the GUI. However, usually I only want subtitles for the foreign audio sections. I encoded chapter 1 of "The Tourist". I used "Foreign Audio Search" and it worked great. So much easier than what I went through before, tracking down SRT files.
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    Yeah, I just tried my Avatar blu-ray and "Foreign Audio Search" wouldn't work, I had to manually select the right sub track. Don't know if the problem is unique to the Avatar disk or the Windows GUI. Still even manually selecting the right subs is a 100 times better than the convoluted method we were forced to use before:)
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    Does the sub font (Papyrus) appear in the transcoded movie as they do in the original?
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    Yes, the subs are exactly as they appear on the Blu-ray.
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    Cool!!! Thanks. Time for me to re-rip and use the nice looking subs instead of the gross downloaded ones.
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    Sir, do you mind detailing the process for achieving this with the new handbrake?
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    1. Rip your Bluray with MakeMKV, but only include the subtitle track that you need, as this will make it easier to find in Handbrake.
    2. Setup your encode in Handbrake just like you would for any other file.
    3. In the Subtitles tab of Handbrake select the subtitle track you want from the dropdown box, it will be listed as unknown, don't worry just select it.
    4. Make sure Burned-In is checked and press Add.
    5. Encode like normal.

    Some people have said that they've got it working by using the "Foreign Audio Search" option, I've had no luck using this but it might work for you. However if you only include the subs you need at the MakeMKV stage then it's not a problem to add the track manually.
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    Thank you for this explanation. I have a quick question. In MakeMKV, do I need to rip the entire subtitle track, or just the part that is forced subtitles?

    Ie, it shows:
    [ ] - English Subtitles
    \-----[ ] - English Subtitles (Forced)

    In MakeMKV, would I select the whole english subtitle or just the forced?
  20. roidy, Apr 28, 2012
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    You only need to select the forced ones.

    Seems there is a problem with the second forced track on Avatar were the subs fail to clear. Use the first sub track but in Handbrake check "Forced Only".
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    26 minutes away from completing my own Avatar test - in the over 375 blu-rays I ripped and transcoded, that was the only one BDsup2sub choked on and I had to resort to SRT.
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    I did my first Avatar encode using BDsup2sub without any problems, what exactly went wrong for you?
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    Big problem - the sub stays hung. In the scene where Jake meets Grace and she and Norm exchange Navi greetings, the last subtitle stays on the screen until displaced by another Navi subtitle. I recall reading about this problem in the HB forum a while back. Does not appear to be fixed in the Thur night build.
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    Yep, big problem, I just encoded the section you're talking about to check and this is what I found:-

    the last line of Navi dialog is "... but there is much to learn."

    Playing the Blu-ray the sub starts at 11:19 and clears at 11:21
    Playing the MKV in VLC the sub starts at 11:19 and clears at 11:39

    I then encoded the section using Handbrake and the sub starts at 11:19 and never clears:(

    Oh, well looks like it's back to the old method until it's sorted:(
  25. khollister, Apr 28, 2012
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