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BMCC RAW workflow

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Werkfoto, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I am wondering if a BM cinema camera user can tell us more about the workflow with RAW material and the :apple:.
    Minimal working system specs like RAM and processor that are working for you.
    I am aware that more is better in this case ;)
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    Since there are only a few of these in the world, Im not sure if you will get a solid answer here.
    I have extensive experience dealing with RAW formats from DSLR to R3D but honestly, CINEMA DNG is just another format.
    Think of the BMCC RAW in this case as sequential files. Numerous almost as daunting as Maya/Max rendered files for 3D animation.
    Only difference is that BMCC RAW is 2.5K each frame, Ive had larger pixel counts from Maya in the past but Cinema files (depending on SSD size) can get really big.
    The audio is saved as a single separate file so thats good to know.
    My tests with Johns RAW files were done on a Mac Pro and Retina.
    I duplicated them over and over and renumated for my tests so I can get a long time code.
    Amy decent Mac will handle them but then if you add Resolve then you need Nvidia flave systems.
    Here is a link for the RAW files and some info on it http://nofilmschool.com/2012/08/bla...release-raw-cinema-camera-files-for-download/

    Good luck
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    It's more or less the classic offline-to-online workflow.

    You'll need proxy files to edit with, such as ProRes. If the camera doesn't write ProRes at the same time as RAW, you can generate these afterwards with Resolve or something.

    Edit with the ProRes files, then export an XML and use it to conform the RAW files to your edit in an online-capable program. You'll get Resolve free with the camera, so that would work great. You could also use Smoke or something.
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    That part about using ProRes/DNxHD as proxies to Cinema DNG escapes me.
    I didnt see that in any of my research when I had that camera in purchase scope.
    However, if you plan on using it with apps such as FCPX and Premiere Pro, its not hard to create proxies.
    Only thing is that last I remember Adobe gave up on the Cinema DNG format and was a bit of a pain to import in Bins.
    After Effects deals with it fine but thats like adding a Table Saw in between a scissor and paper :(
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    cheers all

    I guess Phoenixsan has the setup to handle the RAW in Resolve full version :eek:
    I was underwhelmed what I can try out with the light version of the software....
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    What underwhelmed you about Lite? From what I remember, it's all there except for rendering beyond 1080p, multiple graphics cards, and noise reduction.

    Maybe grab some BCC sample footage and test out your workflow that way?
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    As far as NR, you need a beefy box anyway to deal with that as well as multiple GPUs.
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    Resolve lite

    it took me some time to figure where the auto confirm button is - my bad of course :D
    But the exporting is also clumsy in my eyes.
    And the back to frame1 one button won't work.

    I got on my iMac 11,3 with 16 RAM and a i5 about 8 frames in GPU render.
    Of course with some additional cards it will be nicer.

    My impression is when buying the Camera (+ the drives) you need to spend the same money again on the upcoming MacPro to really utilize what the BMCC can do.
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    I really hope this camera comes to market.
    It took too long for most of us to deal with.
    I moved on and got a Scarlet.
    I will be looking at it again this Spring unless BMD announces a S35 version.
    Then its that roller coaster ride all over again.
    Hope they learn from this release.
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    FCP X 10.0.6 imported my test BMCC footage perfect. I tried both working with Proxy's and using straight up 2.5K ProRes4444....I like converting to ProRes4444 first but my laptop is my sole machine so to speed things up I suggest using Proxy editing...butter smooth editing...when its time to conform the original files for export though it sort of sucks waiting though, but you get used to render times in this work!
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    I just want to note that I can playback 1080p 50mbps graded footage in Lite at full fps off of one HD5870 ATI radeon, so you don't NEED nvidia.

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